“Nothing Compares”: AQUARIUS SUPERMOON: Tue Aug 01 2023, 18:32 UTC

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In July, we had one Supermoon, and in August, we will have two. But what does this mean exactly? Why should we care if it’s a Full Moon or a Supermoon, and what’s the significance? The Moon’s orbit is elliptical, causing it to appear bigger or smaller depending on its proximity to Earth. With a synodic cycle of approximately 29.5 days, there will be a month when we have two Full Moons. This occurrence is known as a “once in a Blue Moon.”

Having two Supermoons in one month signifies heightened emotions and personal crises. During Full Moons, it’s crucial not to take things too personally, go to extremes, or overreact. It’s essential to be mindful of our emotions and avoid committing harmful actions.

The Aquarian Full Moon combines emotional intensity with innovative and forward-thinking energy, resulting in revolutionary and progressive ideas. This Full Moon tends to trigger unique Aquarian responses, such as intellectual, analytical, and free-spirited reactions. Spiritually, it highlights the value of individuality and encourages people to work towards the greater good. Symbolically, it merges the potential for chaos and revelation of a Full Moon with Aquarius’s unconventional wisdom. Ultimately, the Aquarian Full Moon symbolises the culmination of both personal and societal growth, offering a chance for a broader understanding of ourselves and our universe through the futuristic lens of the Water Bearer.

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The Leo/Aquarius Dichotomy:

When the transiting Leo Sun opposes the culminating Aquarian Supermoon, it creates a complex interplay of contrasting forces. Leo’s self-assertive, warm, and magnanimous energy clashes with the intellectual, detached, and progressive Aquarius energy, exposing both individual and collective tensions. Leo’s desire for self-expression, control, and admiration can lead to a dictatorial tendency, mistakenly believing that its will is the universal will, thus imposing its perspectives on others. At the same time, Aquarius’s impulse towards collective good and universalism can dissolve into high-minded, abstract notions that bypass personal, emotional connections, leading to perceived coldness or impersonality.

To navigate this acrimony, it’s vital to seek a synthesis of these opposing forces. This involves blending Leo’s warmth, self-confidence, and leadership with Aquarius’s universalism and intellectual detachment. One can embody Leonian strength and self-assuredness without resorting to power games or manipulation, while also embracing Aquarian ideals of equality, open-mindedness, and collective good. The task is to use the Leo Sun’s radiance to illuminate the truths and visions stirred by the Aquarian moon, applying them in a practical and heartfelt way. To channel these conflicting energies into a harmonious whole, we must cultivate personal warmth and generosity, balancing it with a dedication to the collective good, expressing ourselves authentically without seeking to dominate others, and learning to hold space for a variety of truths and experiences, not just our own or that of the mainstream.

[image: Luka Khabelashvili]

Jupiter T-square:

The 4th harmonic alignment of Jupiter in Taurus with the Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon creates a tense situation, where personal versus collective ideals are in conflict with optimism and practicality. Jupiter in Taurus promotes a practical and stable approach to growth, with a focus on material pleasures and grounded optimism. However, this clashes with the bombastic displays of Leo and the future-oriented idealism of Aquarius, which can lead to disagreements.

On the downside, the Jupiter T-Square could lead to excessive confidence and self-indulgence. The fact that Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus are all fixed signs could amplify stubbornness and reluctance to adapt. During the time that Jupiter is in Taurus, we may feel a pull towards trying to justify our actions based on material possessions, financial gain, and activities that bring us pleasure. However, it’s important not to forget the importance of each individual’s integrity or the greater good of society. It’s possible that we may become too focused on satisfying our present-moment interests and neglect future plans or humanitarian interests.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

~ Upton Sinclair

The Leo Sun may also be seeking recognition and validation during this time, expressing its most ferocious side when this is not forthcoming. Associated with fire and ruled by the Sun, Leo’s overwhelming need for attention, praise, and the limelight, does cause us to sometimes overshadow others unintentionally in our quest for success and dominance. If we feel unheard or underappreciated, a stressed Leo Sun could see us responding to challenges by getting temperamental. Wounded pride can lead to fiery outbursts, and unwillingness to admit our mistakes could lead us to forcibly impose our will on others with grandiloquent displays of entitlement and authoritarianism. The results could be frighteningly out of proportion under such a Full Moon.

It’s crucial that we aim to restore the balance between satisfying our sensual pleasures in present reality and thinking ahead to our future prosperity and progress, represented by Taurus and Aquarius, respectively.

Although tense, this Jupiter T-square on the Full Moon presents opportunities for constructive growth and encourages us to ground our optimism in practical realities, tuning into our inner guide and balancing constructive opportunities. Jupiter in Taurus forcibly nudges us to take pragmatic, tangible actions to ground our visions (Aquarius) and desires for recognition (Leo). This requires respecting and learning from different perspectives, defining and respecting personal boundaries, and being open to new experiences without overextending ourselves.

Other factors:

Mars’s activation of the Pluto/Nodal square can intensify emotions, sparking power struggles and exposing deeply hidden fears or insecurities. This is a period of profound transformation that often involves delving into life’s darker aspects, which can feel uncomfortable or challenging, but also crucial for personal growth and evolution.

A trine between Mars in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus adds a practical, grounded energy to the mix, which can be highly beneficial to getting stuff done. Taurus and Virgo are both earth signs, emphasising trusty hard-nosed pragmatism, stability, and diligent work. This trine can help channel the dynamic tensions of the above square and the Leo-Aquarius opposition into productive and tangible outcomes.

Mars also heads up a Virgo stellium, alongside Pallas Athena, who injects down-home wisdom, strategic insights, and an inherent courage to tackle disputes head-on, and Mercury, catalysing a powerful blend of precise problem-solving skills coupled with enough assertiveness to execute the job. However, Mercury’s opposition to Saturn in Pisces may seem obstructive at first, presenting a frustrating conflict between meticulous, analytical thinking (Mercury in Virgo) and the urge for surrender, acceptance, and intuitive perception (Saturn in Pisces). Verbal disagreements can potentially grind into acute mental anguish and incite overly analytical thinking or rigid beliefs. While this may initially seem negative, it can also serve a positive purpose because such conflicts could simultaneously aid us in doing something to alleviate ongoing power struggles and ego clashes, which are characteristic of the fixed Leo-Aquarius dynamic. This is because wordy clashes could help us better understand differing perspectives, enhance our communication skills, and potentially find common ground amidst the stubbornness. Remembering that Venus is currently retrograde, placing much emphasis on dealing with relationship drama.

All oppositions bring some conflict. Still, any opposition becomes enlightening within the Full Moon context amidst continuing tensions between Leo (me) and Aquarius (we). It calls for a balance between rational analysis and intuitive comprehension, requesting us to unite these aspects – to be pragmatic and logical yet receptive to the wisdom of our intuition and the shared subconscious.

Amidst the grandiose entitlements of Leo and the progressive vision of Aquarius, the influence of Virgo and Pisces can direct us toward a more balanced, realistic, and tangible understanding of how to actualise these magnanimous energies. These placements remind us to stay rooted, focus on details, and trust in our intuitive wisdom as we navigate the transformations and trials this Full Moon presents.


As we are aware, these are intensely troubling times. Pluto, at Capricorn’s anaretic degree, clings tenaciously to institutional authority, reluctant to relinquish power despite the clear end of its reign. The square to the Nodes poses an existential threat to all humanity, because it is most likely that in our desperation to maintain control over everything threatens our most fundamental connection—the ego’s bond with its own soul.

This lunation isn’t going to be a casual walk in the park. It is clear that the establishment’s efforts to crush nonconformity are losing ground, the Aquarian Supermoon highlighting an escalating impulse to revolt against rules that inhibit free expression and impede progress. There will be conflicts to navigate, but if handled well, it can provide the catalyst for restoring balance between our individual ambitions with our roles within society, all while reminding us to keep our feet firmly planted in reality.

[image: Kavan Cardoza]

The Full Moon now invites us to integrate our ideals, personal desires, and practical realities. The tension generated by this T-square is a clarion call to explore our potential for growth and expansion within the boundaries of our immediate realities.

We should focus on the quality rather than the quantity of our experiences, honouring our personal truth while also respecting the diverse truths of others. We must command truth at all costs.

As humans, it is natural to crave to know the answers to the big, unanswered questions. Some mysteries are glaringly inexplicable yet seemingly forbidden to scrutinise.

Where did we come from? Is there extraterrestrial intelligence, and does the government possess more knowledge than they are revealing to us? Who killed the Kennedys? Why do leaders, who often claim to champion moral virtues, engage in or support war and other violent conflicts, especially those that harm innocent civilians and children? How can institutions that declare a commitment to justice and fairness perpetuate systemic inequality, cruelty and discrimination? Why do those in power, who are supposed to protect the vulnerable, often exploit them instead? Can we as a species achieve true, unadulterated artificial intelligence, and what would that mean for humanity?

These questions are not the folly of “conspiracy theorists”, but rather the echoes of our collective curiosity. In the Aquarian era of enlightenment, our insatiable thirst for answers to life’s greatest enigmas grows exponentially. Our curiosity cannot be silenced, nor will our voice, for it is in answering these questions, under this Aquarius Full Moon, that we find the courage to reshape our most authentic selves, our relationships and our world.

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