Here’s where it gets a little dangerous.
The energies, whether personal or non,
are raw
and edgy
and ready to ignite in less than a heartbeat.
Don’t risk it.
Fuckers need excitement,
and when it’s just the same old they get bold,
stir the pot,
spark the fuse.

Common sense?
That’s out the window.
Fulks look ordinary until they don’t.
One insult flies, and tempers flare.
“The fuck you staring at??”
Tensions rise,
fists clench,
instant war zone.

You need to settle down, settle down, settle down here,
play your cards right.
Life ain’t about constant drama.
Karma’s a serious game, play it straight, hear?
Go ground yourself, go find your centre.
The thrill of the chase, the rush of the fight,
it’s a fleeting high.
Long-term, it’s a lifetime of chaos, regret.

Owe money? Pay up, avoid the hassle.
Shady deals lead to dark alleys, fists, and broken bones.
Flashy egos, big talk, it all crumbles.
Violence begets violence, an endless cycle.
Break free, stay smart.

That girl? She’s fit, yeah,
but she’s not worth the brawl.
Street’s buzzing, but when she’s laughing with some bloke,
your rage builds.
Don’t bite. Walk away dude.
Keep cool. You might’ve lit this fire, but you can snuff it out. Excitement? It’s overrated.

Ground yourself. Life’s a marathon, not a street fight.
Settle down, settle down, settle down.
Play smart.
Common sense,
should be common sense.

♂ ∠ ♅ (you remember me)

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