“At The Crossroads”: The NEW MOON at 24°56′ CANCER, Monday, July 17, 2023, 18:32 UTC

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At this New Moon, the Moon’s apogee takes her farthest from our Earth, creating a palpable, yet invisible sense of distancing from the celestial body closest to us. Where’s our Moon? It’s as if her loving, motherly embrace, which we often find comforting and reassuring, is just slightly out of reach, and in her Dark Moon phase, entirely out of sight from the night skies. You might be forgiven for wondering, has Mother abandoned us?

Strange forces are acting upon our blessed Moon around this lunation, not just from those invisible monsters out in the far-distant Kuiper belt, but the Moon seems at cross-purposes with her own nodal axis.

Nonetheless, the unusually remote synodic alignment of Luna with the Cancer Sun acts as an instinctual reminder for us to try to reestablish connections with our ancestral roots, contact our family, and try to return to the place we call home. After all, the Moon rules Cancer. However, there is something strangely unsettling about this lunation, a certain disquieting quality that adds complexity to Cancer’s usual capacity to evoke nostalgic longings or get us to share our most intimate feelings with those closest to our heart.

Something just doesn’t feel right around this lunation, like someone or something is plotting to spoil the homecoming merriments.

Let’s have a look at the astrology surrounding this event.

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In its most positive expression, a New Moon in Cancer brings forth a surge of maternal and nurturing energy. The desire to bond and care for others and provide protection and reassurance is present, even in less emotional types. Emotions run deep during this time, attachments are strong, and individuals may exhibit heightened psychic and intuitive abilities, making them more attuned to their “unconscious side”; more sensitive to the feelings of those around them.

The result is usually an empathetic and compassionate atmosphere where people feel mutually supported and responsive to each others’ needs, “holding space” and making others feel safe. Loyalty and devotion are amplified, and individuals may become more tenacious in pursuing their goals because it feels good to be backed up by one’s ‘homies’.

On the flip side, the negative expression of a New Moon in Cancer can amplify some of the sign’s less favourable attributes. People might become overly smothering or possessive in their relationships, leading to indulgent or pampering behaviours. Emotions could get overwhelming, resulting in hypersensitivity and moodiness, making individuals easily hurt, whimsical and impressionable to sensations. Our irrational desire to be needed and held may grow excessively strong, leading to unhealthy dependency and clinginess. Some may retreat into the past, becoming nostalgic and resistant to change, insecure about anything foreign or unusual, isolating themselves and becoming overly secretive and self-absorbed.

Worst of all, individuals may unite under a partisan banner, prone to jingoistic or tribal loyalties and an “us versus them” mentality, which can escalate divisiveness, fomenting discrimination and hatred, develop attitudes so blinkered that they dismiss the perspectives and experiences of others.

Generally, emotions are highly susceptible to manipulation during a Cancer New Moon, creating a volatile environment which can either support or hinder cooperation, empathy, and progress on a broader level. Understanding the nature of this reactive lunation helps us grasp why this period can be so unsettling. It is crucial to remain mindful of the diverse range of expressions, both positive and negative, that can arise during any Cancer New Moon, but especially this one, understanding the extraordinary influence of present planetary energies on both our personal and collective experiences. By acknowledging the current dynamics, we can navigate this time with wider awareness and make conscious choices and intentions that foster harmony and growth.


Perhaps the most significant influence during this Cancer lunation is the challenging influence of Pluto squaring the Lunar Nodes, which eminent astrologer, Reinhold Ebertin, describes as “a common twist of fate, shared by all humanity”. Transpiring at the critical degrees around the cardinal cusps, this alignment brings forth complex, predominantly hidden scenarios that span personal, relationship, and political/business spheres.

On a personal level, it brings to our attention seething tensions over being used by others for their personal gain, stirring up intense desires for revenge or to cut loose. In relationships, the stress of objectifying partners, manipulating or exploiting them with a callous lack of sympathy, and using them for personal gratification without reciprocation, brings many affairs to a dreadful crisis throughout this period. More broadly, in politics or business, the square brings about significant discontentment with ongoing power imbalances, corporate dealbreakers and exposes corrupt negotiations involving secretive or confidential information. It also brings to the surface the potential for security breakdowns resulting from the actions of relentlessly ambitious individuals who prioritise their lust for power and centralisation of authority over the best interests of their country or organisation. These intense dynamics remind us to approach our interactions and decisions with caution and mindfulness during this transformative Cancer lunation, which in the coming hours/days forms a Cardinal Grand Cross to this dynamic.

A tight square from scornful Eris to the Cancer New Moon adds a highly charged and disruptive element to the emotional dynamics of this lunation. Eris, associated with discord and chaos due to her deep-seated envy of the gods, creates a super-tense cardinal square that exacerbates the already touchy and reactive nature of the Cancer New Moon. Alongside Chiron, this triggering of wounds can lead us to heightened conflicts, horrendous power struggles, and a strong desire to assert individuality and independence, even at the expense of safety and security. This volatile, unpredictable domestic state can lead to impulsive reactions and potential confrontations, creating a rough and unsettling atmosphere. However, it also presents an opportunity for epochal adjustments and long-awaited adaptations, pushing individuals to confront harsh truths and address underlying conflicts, even if uncomfortable or inconvenient. Eris will be conjunct the North Lunar Node for the remainder of 2023, suggesting upheavals and disruption will impact everyone somehow.

A tight semi-square from Vesta in Gemini to the Cancer New Moon further highlights how many individuals feel cut off or disconnected from the social discourse, prompting a burning desire to voice their opinions and be heard amidst all the noise. We look to the sextile from Uranus and trine from Neptune to this lunation, to provide a glimmer of hope and potential solutions. Perhaps Uranus’ influence might inspire some radical and innovative approaches to forging new unions and rediscovering a sense of belonging. Simultaneously, Neptune’s water trine opens the floodgates of compassion and understanding, promoting greater empathy and providing spiritual support during this otherwise agitated transitional period.

Complex emotional scenarios mark this highly volatile New Moon which, by activating this highly alienating Cardinal Grand Cross precipitates the climactic showdown of long-standing, transgenerational power struggles in various aspects of our lives, particularly over the past 2-3 years. The duelling influences of Pluto, Chiron/Eris, and the Lunar Nodes demand careful introspection and mindfulness in how we conduct our interactions and the decisions and intentions we set around this lunation.


In addition to the challenging scenario mentioned above, other key planetary aspects add further layers of complexity to this highly climactic lunation.

Mercury square Jupiter: This aspect coincides with the New Moon, indicating a clash between our expressive, confident thinking (Mercury in Leo) and our conservative beliefs and socioeconomic principles (Jupiter in Taurus). There might be a tendency to be overly optimistic, opportunistic, or exaggerate facts for material gain, leading to misunderstandings or miscommunications. It’s crucial to be careful with information and avoid making hasty decisions based on incomplete data.

Mars opposite Saturn: This opposition creates a tug-of-war between assertiveness (Mars in Virgo) and restriction or discipline (Saturn in Pisces). We may feel frustration or blockages in our efforts to move forward. It’s essential to find a balance between taking action and being patient, as pushing too hard may result in setbacks or conflicts with authority figures.

Venus and Chiron Retrograde: Both Venus and Chiron slowing to retrograde motion can intensify emotional vulnerabilities and past wounds. Venus retrograde in Leo (28°♌36′) may prompt us to reevaluate the integrity we hold in our relationships and of our creative expressions, leading to a need for self-reflection and reassessment of our most intrinsic values and desires. Chiron retrograde in Aries (19°♈58′) may surface unresolved issues related to self-confidence and wounds incurred on the frontlines, where we failed to assert ourselves. It marks the beginning of a period where we are called to confront and heal old emotional wounds, allowing for new growth and mending broken hearts and promises.


This is not an easy time for many of us. In my client work alone, I see that this period is fraught with incredibly tense circumstances, even for individuals who are otherwise quite adept at handling crises. Great caution is advised in handling all matters that come to our attention since we are more prone to take things personally under a highly stressed Cancer lunation. Making effective decisions is difficult under a Cardinal Grand Cross.

For a start, it’s essential to secure our own emotional well-being before we venture off into trying to generate constructive interactions with others. It’s best to stay calm and composed, taking deep breaths before responding impulsively. Practising empathy means using our emotional intelligence to understand the other person’s perspective and the reasons behind their stress. Avoid internalising the pressure, reminding yourself that it’s about the situation, not a reflection of your worth.

Consciously establishing clear boundaries between our own emotions and others’ is important, as is using clear, assertive communication to express your thoughts without getting defensive. If things become overwhelming, take short breaks to regroup. If things overheat, seek support from trusted individuals to help you cool down, vent and gain advice.

As we can see in the exterior world, things are heating up immensely, or at least reaching the point of extremes. It’s not unlikely to react emotionally when pushed to the edge. Under such conditions, practising emotional self-regulation and refraining from taking things personally becomes even more crucial. If you decide to create support groups or unions, it’s essential to recognise that the pressure you’re experiencing may not necessarily decrease. In many cases, with the North Node shifting into Aries, the combined emotional quotient of any union might only lower the frequency of your individual trajectory, meaning that it may not directly ease the pressure you’re facing. By maintaining a level-headed approach, seeking support, and focusing on effective communication, we can steer through even the most stressful situations effectively and hopefully contribute to more positive outcomes. Naturally, this may be easier said than done during this period, and as I have “predicted” many times regarding these transits, things could escalate into a complete degenerative state before we can see some constructive regeneration that starts to benefit the wider whole. The reason individuals appear to be in it for themselves is complex, but I figure that the universe is trying to tell us that we must at least learn to stand up for ourselves.

Of course, this lunation affects us all differently. As usual, I provide you with these empowering horoscope messages and guided intentions, to help make sense of the greater purpose of the perplexing energies. I encourage you to read both your Sun and Rising sign readings for a comprehensive guidance experience.

If you desire personalised assistance, I invite you to book a private session for enhanced clarity of your individual chart. Your ongoing appreciation and support for my work are deeply valued. I eagerly anticipate our future connections and send abundant blessings on this New Moon. xx

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