“What on Earth is Happening?” – The NEW MOON at 18°02′ Taurus, Wednesday, May 08, 2024, 03:23 UTC

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Greetings Fellow Travellers,

We live in arguably strange times—a period marked by sweeping technological revolutions and enlightening revelations so rapid and extensive that even the great Dickens might struggle, quill in hand, to capture the quintessence of this epoch: one of such immense promise and peril to our entire species.

Whilst this may not be humanity’s first epochal paradigm shift, the mere scale and intensity of such widespread and massive change are uniquely startling, arguably tearing to shreds the very fabric within which our collective consciousness has thus far been intermeshed as a species.

Since the eclipse season of September/October, the past few months have escalated into a crescendo of excitement and bewildering anxiety, peaking during the recent eclipse season of March/April 2024. This buildup was intensified by the Scorpio Full Moon two weeks ago—the first fixed-sign lunation to directly confront Pluto as it now teeters back and forth along the cusp of Aquarius/Capricorn.

All this underscores our precarious entry into a brave new era—a chilling epoch, marked by the utopian promises and dystopic perils of the Aquarian age. This age heralds the onset of scientific trans-humanism, where advanced biotechnologies aimed at extending human life and capabilities converge with the augmentation and transfiguration of the human body. Alongside this, the pervasive integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the implementation of radically new energy forms promise to revolutionise our interaction with the environment. This era also sees the merging of comprehensive, transparent governance with the exploration of both inner and outer spaces, pushing our horizons beyond physical and metaphysical boundaries and potentially enabling us to colonise other planets. These epochal developments are unfolding against a backdrop of fragile sociopolitical tensions, which are unravelling the old social infrastructure as we grapple with conflicting ethnoreligious realities.

As Pluto, now retrograde, forms the first in a series of semisquares to Saturn in Pisces, what remains of our traditional ethical frameworks becomes increasingly strained. This compelling situation forces us to confront the profound implications that such sci-fi-like advancements have on society and the spirit of individual identity. The need for thoughtful consideration and ethical integration of these technologies into our society is not just apparent but critical.

[Scene from Brave New World TV Series]

Indeed, the chaotic state we find ourselves in was starkly highlighted by the Scorpio Full Moon two weeks ago. As Neptune edges into the anaretic degree of Pisces, we find ourselves on the brink of a spiritual and intellectual renaissance not seen since its last passage in 1861-62. This is a pivotal moment, and as Uranus prepares to transition into Gemini, the next 12 to 24 months herald a significant shift in consciousness—an awakening so profound it recalls the transformative power of the Age of Enlightenment. That historical period not only brought forth groundbreaking scientific discoveries, such as microbiological medicine, but also saw the rise of deep philosophical and literary movements led by figures like Dickens and Dostoevsky. It was a time when Impressionism revolutionized the arts, psychology emerged as a discipline, and key social reforms, including the abolition of slavery and child labour, began to take root.

The coming years promise another profound awakening, a transdimensional shift in consciousness that expands and accelerates us at a pace yet unseen. This is a time when established beliefs are unmercifully upended, and new ways of thinking are not just proposed but adopted with such baffling enthusiasm that we may struggle to accept how they are reshaping our understanding of reality and our place within it.

Amidst this whirlwind of cosmic upheaval, the Taurus New Moon offers a grounding respite. Following the intense revelations of the Scorpio Full Moon, this lunation nudges us to make the annual “earthy landing” to find some solid ground where the basic realities of life reassert themselves. Here, in the steady embrace of Taurus, we find a moment of calm—a chance to momentarily reground ourselves in the simplicity of the natural world, to rediscover pleasure in stability, and to cultivate serenity amidst change. As we plant our intentions under this New Moon, we are reminded to check in with the enduring value of what is tangible and real, to briefly anchor ourselves as we prepare to soon navigate the uncharted waters of this grand cosmic evolution.

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In the most primary synodic cycle between our luminaries, the relationship between the Sun and Moon epitomises the primordial cosmic dance of our conscious will (animus) and subconscious drives (anima). This dynamic mirrors the intricate interplay between, say, a film’s storyline and its emotional depth, where each lunar cycle is like a scene that begins with a New Moon that marks a narrative reset. During this phase, the Sun’s purposeful direction melds with the Moon’s rich emotional landscape, akin to a director aligning a film’s story with its emotional resonance to captivate an audience.

This cyclical renewal during the New Moon phase represents a profound alignment, where the Sun (consciousness) and Moon (instinct) occupy the same celestial space, with their sign and house positions symbolising a unique unity and the birth of potential in specific themes of our lives. Here, our conscious intentions meet the subconscious’s reflective receptivity, laying a fertile foundation for new beginnings. Just as in film, where story and emotion are seamlessly interwoven to deeply engage viewers, our lives require that our external actions and internal emotions synchronize to forge congruent, meaningful experiences under the current environmental backdrop.

Thus, the New Moon serves not just as a phase but as a vital reset point in our lives, where the dynamics of giving and receiving—expressing and feeling—are reestablished and redefined. It invites us to sow seeds of intention in soil enriched by our deepest emotions, preparing the ground for these intentions to mature as the Moon waxes. This is a time for reflection, planning, and realigning our inner truths with our outward actions, ensuring that as the cycle advances, we harmonise our desires with the external demands. Throughout this journey, each lunar phase enhances our path, guiding us through introspection, action, and reflection, until the cycle resets, presenting a fresh canvas for us to sketch our aspirations and dreams.


The New Moon in Taurus heralds a profound synodic reset within the fixed-earth element, accentuating a period of deep reflection and intention setting that deeply engages with Taurus’s inherent qualities. This lunation beckons us to anchor our aspirations in the rich, fertile terrain of Taurus traits—stability, patience, and practicality—whilst also urging vigilance against the potential excesses this sign may engender.

Taurus, characterised by its earthy and sensuous energy, prompts a focus on crafting intentions that are both pragmatic and enduring. It advocates a return to the essentials that sustain us: our values, resources, and self-esteem. Aligning our conscious goals with the Taurus New Moon, we are summoned to foster loyalty, devotion, and trustworthiness in our endeavours, reflecting Taurus’s capacity for warmth and genuine connection. The productive and managerial prowess of Taurus emerges prominently, driving us to be resourceful and economically shrewd, ensuring that our initiations during this phase are poised for longevity and success.

However, this period also necessitates a nuanced balancing act to sidestep the less favourable traits of Taurus. The dangers of becoming overly possessive, materialistic, or resistant to change can impede the growth that this New Moon seeks to catalyse. Taurus’s inclination towards stubbornness and comfort-seeking might lead to inertia, thus obstructing the essential shifts that new beginnings demand. Consequently, setting intentions under this lunation requires an acute awareness of these dualities within our psyche—the rational and the instinctual, the progressive and the conservative. By recognising the need for security and the potential for evolutionary change, we can effectively harness Taurus’s optimal qualities while mitigating its limitations.

Significantly, the Moon, exalted in Taurus, enriches this lunation by providing an emotional environment that supports these grounding intentions. Venus, largely unaspected at 10º40′ Taurus, exerts a peaceful and aesthetic influence as the ruler of this lunation, infusing the atmosphere with a strong desire for comfort and artistic expression. Additionally, the recent epochal conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus at 21° Taurus, now beginning to separate, introduces a backdrop of newly inseminated ethical reconsiderations now being delivered by hugely disruptive, illuminating forces that could reshape our engagement with Taurus-themed issues on a grand scale.

In this setting, the narrative directed by the Sun—the conscious protagonist of our story—is shaped by these potent Taurus elements. How, then, might the director’s story take shape under these influences? Are we crafting our intentions with both clarity and earnest practicality? Can we establish solid foundations while remaining open to transformative shifts? And critically, are we balancing enduring material needs with spiritual growth, thus avoiding the pitfalls of excess and self-indulgence? These rhetorical questions guide us as we navigate the powerful energies of this New Moon, compelling us to forge paths that honour our enduring values alongside our potential for profound growth.


It’s worth noting that aside from the Taurus lunation, which finds itself nestled comfortably amidst a stellium in Taurus, noteworthy planetary configurations extend beyond the confines of the Bull’s domain. The entire planetary array, excluding Pluto, forms a concentrated sequence stretching from Saturn at 17º Pisces to Jupiter at 25º Taurus, focusing the celestial energies into a potent yet complex zone of influence. This configuration, coupled with the sensitive North Node at 15º Aries, intensifies longstanding wounds and conflicts, particularly aggravated by Mars’ recent ingress into Aries.

Furthermore, the recently direct Mercury at 21º Aries now forges its third conjunction with Chiron and eagerly approaches conjunction with Eris at 25º Aries, igniting a fiery narrative of healing and potential disruption surrounding personal initiatives and battles. Together with Neptune, in its critical anaretic degree at 29º Pisces, this stellium in Aries infuses the atmosphere with very hostile, self-centred and fiercely assertive energy, propelled by Mars, the ruler of Aries at 05º Aries. Together, these planetary dynamics stress a distinctly focused area of interest in our lives. It is imperative to harness the energies at our disposal and channel them towards constructive ends. In the latest lunation horoscopes and New Moon intentions, we explore how these cosmic influences may manifest in each zodiac sign, offering distinct guidance and insight to empower you on your journey forward.

Many blessings, and may you have an amazing Taurus New Moon xx

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