[image: The Misery, 1886 by Cristóbal Rojas (1858–1890]

Over the next 5-6 months, as Pluto retrogrades through the early degrees of Aquarius, poised to dip back into the critical degree of Capricorn in September, profound transformations are underway. The ultimate test will be maintaining integrity in the face of catastrophically adverse circumstances, a feat that will require tremendous courage to descend into the deepest recesses of our souls.

Many cast shade outward. They project their inner turmoil, fears, or unresolved issues onto others or onto external circumstances. Instead of confronting and dealing with their own psychological challenges directly, they may unconsciously deflect them onto those around them.

Pluto transits act as the baseline of our core evolutionary story, while other transits and lunation cycles connect us to past/present experiences, helping us transmute into what lies ahead. Not all of us will cope, however. The more isolated the natal planet receiving the Pluto transit, the more alienating our experience will feel, leading to severely abrupt ‘separations’ from the past and intense confrontations with our innermost selves.

We will invariably encounter those who project inner turmoil, manifesting as criticism, blame, or negativity towards others, creating all kinds of tension and enmity in relationships and the broader spectrum of social dynamics.

Relationships and exterior structures will undergo significant shifts too, acting as both terminators and creators of new paths. As we navigate backward through the Hades of the soul, grappling with existential fears and impassioned desires, illusions will be shattered, and fundamental truths will emerge. It’s a time to face our deepest fears, confront our darkest shadows, and hopefully emerge stronger, with a renewed sense of integrity and purpose.

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