Less than a week before the Taurus New Moon and we're all looking to find some steady, life-nurturing earth to ground us. Yet with JUPITER/URANUS in there, it's looking like a most unsettling time. This lunation begs and beseeches for us to find a new way, and with the myriad of planets rising in the morning skies, the matter is a lot more complex than any of us might imagine.

On this episode of Cosmic Bus, in plain English, we discuss the significance of the following New Moon phenomena (and how they leave us feeling)…

  • On Wednesday, May 8, 2024, at 03:23 UTC, the New Moon resets at 18°♉02'.
  • Venus, the ruler of this ♉ lunation, is also in ♉ at 10°♉40', and is largely unaspected.
  • Jupiter at 25°♉47' and Uranus at 22°♉47' drift apart after peaking at 21°♉50' on April 21, 2024.
  • Venus and Jupiter almost perfectly align at the midpoint of the New Moon, off by just +0º11'.
  • The Sun and Moon are within 7º of activating the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint.
  • Mercury, now direct at 21°♈55', aligns again with Chiron at 21°♈05' and is approaching a conjunction with Eris at 25°♈03'.
  • Mars, the ruler of ♈, will stand at 05°♈45'.
  • The North Node at 15°♈21' aligns precisely with the Mars/Eris midpoint.
  • Neptune, at the critical 29th degree of its home sign ♓, is exactly at the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, influenced by sextiles.
  • During this lunation, all planets except Pluto span between 17°♓13' (Saturn) and 25°♉47' (Jupiter).
  • Saturn has just initiated the first of three semisquares to Pluto at 02°♒06' retrograde on May 6, 2024.

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