“Out Of This World”: The NEW MOON at 26°43′ GEMINI, Sunday, June 18, 2023, 04:37 UTC

Greetings Fellow Travellers,

It is New Moon time (again), and with each blessed new cycle, we come together to read about the marvelous phenomenon of our Luna’s alignment with Sol, this time in the witty and vivacious sign of Gemini.

At precisely 04:37 UTC on June 18, the Moon will enter her invisible phase where her illuminated side faces towards the Sun and away from our Earth. For those who still look up to the night skies, this dark moon phase holds a variety of mysteries and profound influences that shape our experiences during this time.

During New Moon, we are imbued with a profound sense of self-containment and self-acceptance; we become focused on our own identity and inner power, harmonising our conscious will with our emotional responses. Guided by this alignment, we are invigorated to act on instinct and make decisions based on our immediate reactions, trusting our gut feelings. Life flows most naturally at New Moon time, allowing us to navigate with effortlessness and ease, focusing all our attention on specific areas of our lives, such as our home and family or the particular facet of our birth chart that the Sun/Moon conjunction edifies.

While the New Moon phase empowers us with a pronounced sense of personal focus, it can also narrow our perspective and hinder our understanding of others’ experiences. At the peak of the New Moon, our drive to fulfil our basic needs is influenced by internal patterns shaped by past experiences and internalised conditioning, leading us to often feel compelled to be a certain way, driven by a sense of destiny or a higher purpose. However, in these transformative times, it is essential to deeply reflect on our unconscious selves and the impact of our past behaviours. The New Moon offers an opportunity to realign our habits, moods, and subconscious mind, bringing them into higher consonance and rhythmic flow with our present circumstances.

In any sense, regardless of our level of consciousness, whether deliberate or instinctive, New Moon is a time to set an intention…


When the Sun and Moon align in Mercury-ruled Gemini, our lens on life becomes bifocal and multifaceted. Through the mutable/air perspex, we witness life with heightened alertness and versatility. Our ingenuity shines through, and we excel at problem-solving, quick to provide a smart and logical solution to everything. Sourcing data becomes our superpower as we absorb information like sponges, retaining it effortlessly and ready to disseminate it to a wide range of interests. The world seems to spin faster on its axis in the Land of Blah, and we thus eagerly adopt the excitement of the new and the unknown.

However, with this heightened intellectual energy comes the nose-bleeding challenge of maintaining mental focus and discernment. Our breezy mind propels us to explore anything and everything if only at its surface level, and though we do become aware of much, we must mind not to blow too fast, not to disperse our resources and fritter away good, solid possibilities to get ahead in our discussions. Gemini’s ever-changing and unpredictable nature may lead us to ambivalence, making it difficult to determine our allegiances in our argument, whom we want to speak with and what it is we even wish to say. It’s therefore crucial to master our mental self-control and to develop the ability to channel our brilliant minds and communicative skills ethically and construct our premises effectively.

Also, whilst the Gemini New Moon endows us with enhanced communication skills and a verbose gift of gab, we must tread carefully to avoid inadvertently hurting others with our quick wit and sharpish tongue. By focusing these energies and harnessing their potential, we can set our lunation intentions with a purpose for adaptability, genuine human intelligence, and a touch of humour.


Of course, with Mercury the Trickster, the dispositor of this lunation, also in his domicile of Gemini, the tendency for our active, curious minds to behave like a highly charged particle becomes even more pronounced. We flit from one idea to another without delving deep or fully committing, letting our minds run away with playing tricks on us, while simultaneously having a joke upon the world.

The trickster, a captivating figure in myth and folklore across every culture, embodies wit, deceit, and boundary-breaking. Unlike the harmless yet naïve fool, the trickster is a master of mischief and often exposes our poor choices. These threshold-crossing agents of change remind us to guard against deception, embrace laughter as a transformative force, and confront our fears of change. They are both creators and destroyers, revealing the paradoxical nature of the human condition. By acknowledging their presence and seeking balance, we open ourselves to the possibility of transcending societal restrictions and discovering profound unity amidst apparent duality.

It takes a square aspect from Saturn to introduce limitations, inhibitions, and challenges in expressing trickster thoughts and ideas. Interestingly, with Saturn in Pisces, the discipline is subtle, almost ethereal, as if transmitted along psychic lines and from alternative dimensions. And yet it is there. A sense of disbelief, a stoic cynicism and knowing our limits, even when they’re clearly not visible, is necessary here.

For those more susceptible to social conditioning and fear, the multitude of airwaves now abuzz with way-out ideas can lead to narrow-mindedness, bigotry and an ignorant resistance to any news that doesn’t gel with their ideas of sound and logical sense, and a denial of necessary learning and acceptance of facts. Cultivating the mental fortitude, concentration, and discipline required to harness our creative potential may require conscious effort or external motivation. In any case, a sense of healthy scepticism must be taken when…


The lunation’s square to Neptune, ruler of alternative realms, introduces challenges in differentiating reality from fantasy and lies, opening the floodgates to all kinds of confusion and distorted misconceptions. Emotions become ungrounded at this time as the imagination runs wild, while misshaped memories intertwine with future projections, creating such unprecedented disturbances with the rational mind that we may not be able to see clearly. With the prevalence of artificial intelligence and speculative talk about extraterrestrial visitations, etc, we may likely see a rising tendency to veer off into abstractions and avoid human reality by seeking solace in the world of fantasies and sci-fi fairy tales. Maintaining emotional stability and a sense of responsibility will be most difficult for those already prone to credulity and wildly impressionable behaviour. We must work hard to keep our senses, for it is a fine line between the masterful trickster and the naive fool.

Trying to avoid hurtful past experiences and unresolved emotions can give rise to suspicion, fear and addictive behaviours. Caution must be exercised to avoid escapism or involvement in religious, sociopolitical or mystical cults blurring the lines between reality and unreality. Furthermore, the square to this lunation from Neptune poses challenges which hinder our sense of self-identity and goal attainment, stemming from conflicts within parental relationships.


A number of feminine planets and asteroids are tightly embroiled in this lunation, leaving a lasting resonance on our emotional perceptions.

Most significantly, the New Moon’s conjunction to Juno, who is associated with marriage, partnerships, and committed relationships, suggests that these themes may loom large, albeit superficial or lacking depth due to the Gemini modality. Whilst it implies that there may be a need for much discussion in our connubial affairs, some marriages may exist in name only, their nuptials serving merely as a facade or fulfilling superficial or officious purposes. The square aspect to Neptune further emphasises the notion of binding contracts not worth the paper they’re written on, appealing only in the figment of someone’s fanciful imagination.

The presence of a strong Venus semisquare (45º) will affect the magnetic resonance of our thoughts and ideas by creating a lack of appreciation or affection, leading to feelings of being ignored by loved ones. Negative vibes cause us to respond curtly to close friends and relatives and push rather than attract. Since we are more prone to be easily cut and wounded by thoughtless words and actions, we may be more inclined to safeguard our own interests by taking a proudly protective stance. Over the coming weeks, as Venus prepares to enter her retrograde shadow (June 19), we will be haunted by the echoes of our past relationship choices, a chance to reflect upon and learn from any patterns of poor or distasteful choices.

The square to this lunation from Ceres, the goddess of nurturing and motherhood, highlights the tension between our personal ideals and our role as parents. Ceres in Virgo, opposing Neptune in Pisces, urges us to find a balance between practical caregiving and embracing our spiritual nature. It calls for establishing healthier boundaries in parenting and integrating spirituality into our daily lives.


In steering through the mental complexities of all our relationships during this time, it is wise to approach them with compassion and understanding. Like its trickster-ruler Mercury, Gemini brings out our cleverness, but sheer wit alone doesn’t necessarily solve the deeper issues. Words can be weapons, sharper than knives. However, talking about the things we see, if indeed we can see clearly during this time, allows us to talk about the most arcane and precious things.

Recognising the potential for heightened emotional vulnerability and the presence of hidden neuroses, it is essential to establish and respect emotional boundaries around what we talk about and with whom. Partnerships, marriages, and weddings may encounter tremendous challenges and conflicts that require careful attention and honest reflection. Similarly, issues pertaining to children demand thoughtful consideration, encompassing ethical and legal matters with an overall focus on the well-being of those involved. Let us be mindful that there are those who specialise in the healing power of words.

At the heart of our sacred intention this month lies the commitment to being impeccable with our own words. The highest resonance of Gemini emphasises the importance of speaking with integrity, refraining from gossip, and avoiding negative or hurtful language. By being mindful of the impact our words can have on ourselves and others and choosing to communicate honestly, authentically, and with kindness, we can foster trust, build stronger connections, and create a more harmonious and compassionate world.

As always, I provide you with these empowering horoscope messages and guided intentions, shedding light on the path ahead and inspiring you to walk it with courage and conviction. I understand this can be a perplexing time for many, and our tendency is to veer off into abstractions and superficial distractions. I encourage you to read both your Sun and Rising sign readings for a comprehensive guidance experience.

If you desire personalised assistance, I invite you to book a private session for enhanced clarity of your individual chart. Your ongoing appreciation and support for my work are deeply valued. I eagerly anticipate our future connections and send abundant blessings on this New Moon. xx


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