“Clear the Air”: GEMINI NEW MOON LUNATION REPORT [Cosmic Bus #2323]

Rx PLUTO is about to slip back under Capricorn, fixing to demolish the last of what's left of great grandpa's legacy. Meanwhile, SATURN hovers tensely over middle earth, not holding up too well under a thick fog of lies and abject misconceptions. At the same time, another exoplanet, ruler of esoteric Pisces, NEPTUNE is about to wreak havoc with the news, given that in about a week, the SUN, currently locked in a semisquare to VENUS is about to align with the MOON at the end of Gemini, dragging a whole pantheon of goddesses into the controversy.

Join us as we discuss the intriguing portents of the next lunation - from whence we'll start to see the parables of an old world quickly dissipate as the old man, his manifesto, his bible, his constitutional monarchy and grand old kabal appear to rapidly give way, making way for a brand new kind of narrative. Ah, well... he had a good run, but as we know from history, all things must fall way, eventually...

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