“Igniting the Spark of Inception” – The EQUINOX NEW MOON AT 00°50′ ARIES, Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023, 17:24 UTC

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Get set for an exhilarating series of lunations! On Tuesday, March 21st, 2023, we will experience the New Moon in the first degree of the dynamic and forcefully assertive sign of Aries, falling immediately after the Vernal Equinox. This event marks the beginning of two consecutive Aries New Moons, with the second being the Hybrid Solar eclipse on April 20th, 2023, which will take place at the 29th degree, conjuncting Eris and squaring Pluto. This eclipse is likely to bring significant global disruptions and major transitions into our lives, causing a huge tremor in the matrix, especially socioeconomically.

This first New Moon is especially noteworthy as it will be flanked by Mercury and Neptune, with the Mercury/Neptune midpoint focusing directly on the lunation. Additionally, Mars, ruler of Aries forms a stressful square to the New Moon, with Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn also forming aspects. With so much astrological activity happening at once, this promises to be an eventful time.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the implications of this epochally potent New Moon and its interactions with the current planetary transits, including the recent ingress of Saturn into Pisces, Jupiter’s conjunction to Chiron, Venus’s conjunction to the North Node, and Pluto’s impending ingress into Aquarius.

Mysteries of the Equinox:

As the Sun crosses the celestial equator, an intriguing energetic shift occurs in the world. It is the time of the Equinox, marking the transition from the long slumber of winter to the spirited rebirth of spring. Hence, as seen in the natural world with the changing seasons, the Equinox symbolises renewal, of shedding old layers and opening up to new beginnings. For us, it represents a shift in consciousness as we journey from the introspective and retiring energy of Pisces season to Aries’s lively and dynamic vibrancy.

During Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, the Sun highlighted the weight of our past and the wisdom of the ages. As a water sign, it is profoundly intuitive and sensitive, with an uncanny ability to tap into the unseen realms. During Pisces season, we were called to dive deep within ourselves, connect with our innermost truths, dissolve away our worries and transcend the burdens of our past.

As the Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, a spark ignites within us. Aries is a fire sign, passionate and bold, bursting with the energy of new beginnings. It heralds a time of growth, of taking action towards our goals, and of forging our own unique path.

As we transition from Pisces to Aries, we shed the skin of the past and emerge renewed, like a phoenix rising from the ashes. All through the ages, the Equinox is a sacred time of magic and transformation, a cosmic portal through which our soul reemerges into the body, ready to awaken to its power and unleash its full potential. At this moment, we also make way for phenomenal markers of transformation and renewal with a New Moon preceding Pluto’s long-anticipated shift into Aquarius, followed by eclipse season.

Let us honour this sacred moment with intention and ceremony, open our hearts and minds to the universe’s infinite wisdom as we step boldly into the radiant light of the Sun and the eternal mysteries of the cosmos.

The Aries New Moon:

The New Moon marks a moment of synthesis between the conscious and emotional aspects of our being, offering us an opportunity for new beginnings and fresh starts. With the upcoming New Moon in Aries, the fiery/cardinal energies will be particularly potent, fueling a strong urge for personal growth and self-improvement. The combination of an Aries Sun and Aries Moon highlights our innate need for independence and self-assertiveness, pushing us to express ourselves more readily and forcefully.

However, it’s crucial that we balance our often self-centred and most ambitious objectives with consideration for others, as impatience and intolerance can lead to insensitivity towards those around us. Avoiding reckless behaviour and being mindful of the emotional turmoil that quickly escalates in the excitement we encounter among others is essential if we wish to avoid conflict. The New Moon in Aries opens up a celestial portal for soul transformation and seminal growth, and we are blessed with the opportunity to harness its energy to manifest our dreams and adopt a whole new beginning in life.

More than any other lunation, the New Moon in Aries is a time of both opportunity and risk. With intention and awareness, we can tap into the potent energies of this alignment to drive our personal growth and ambitions while being mindful of the impact on those around us. The significance of this lunation occurring on the Equinox (Aries point) only accentuates its initiatory potency.

art: Elicia Edijanto

New Moon on the World Axis:

The Aries Point (0° Aries) is highly sensitive in the zodiac, marking the intersection between the individual and the collective. This reference point serves as the starting point for the astrological cycle, and a New Moon near this point is symbolically and energetically significant since it reflects how our individual actions and self-expression can have a broader impact on the world around us.

Known as the World Axis, the Aries Point also represents a powerful opportunity to tap into the collective energies that can drive personal growth and ambition into the energetic pool of initiatives now forming in the mundane world. When a celestial event, like the New Moon, occurs at this point, it amplifies these energies, making it an auspicious time to set intentions in a way that aligns with the common interests of all humanity.

In short, the lunation at the Aries Point becomes a conduit for all humanity to initiate a new cycle of growth, progress, and evolution. It presents an opportunity for us to tap into the potent energies of the universe and channel them towards the manifestation of brand-new individual and collective goals. It encourages us to look beyond our personal desires and consider the greater good of humanity, as our actions and intentions have the potential to create a ripple effect that can impact the world at large. With awareness, conscious intention, and aligned action, we can harness the energies of this phenomenal cosmic portal and set the wheels in motion for a bold new future for ourselves and for all of humanity.

Aspects to this Lunation:

  • Mercury/Neptune midpoint on Sun/Moon conjunction at the Aries Point: This aspect suggests a blending of logical thinking and abstract intuition, which could help set the most heightened intentions and procure the most fantastical visions during this seminal New Moon. However, it may also indicate a tendency towards confusion, self-deception or dangerous delusions, so staying grounded in reality and avoiding making decisions based solely on whimsical emotions or wishful thinking is essential.
  • Dispositor of Aries, Mars, falls in the late degrees of Gemini, forming a square to the New Moon: This placement could bring a sense of mental restlessness, verbal combativeness or difficulty in focusing on one thing at a time, which could be challenging when it comes to setting clear intentions during the New Moon. It may be best to work on honing communication skills and finding ways to stay out of quarrels by being present in the moment. Mars’ square to Neptune only stresses the need to act honourably and with the highest intent.
  • Pluto sextile the New Moon: This aspect adds intensity and depth to the New Moon energy, allowing for transformation and growth on a deep level. With Pluto located at the final minutes of the anaretic degree of Capricorn, this period is marked by a climate of intense global instability and change. While it may be a decisive time to shed old, outdated patterns, corrupted patriarchal institutions, and overarching cultural and religious beliefs, it also ushers forth a new paradigm of power structures and systems that will shape our future. This aspect also highlights the unworkable and toxic power dynamics in our personal relationships, emphasising the need for greater equality and respect. However, as we have seen with Saturn’s recent pass through Aquarius, not everyone may be on board with this shift.
  • Uranus in Taurus semisquare the New Moon: This aspect brings a unique dynamic to this lunation. While staying focused on intentions and goals may feel challenging, given the restlessness and potential for economic disruption associated with Uranus in Taurus, there is also a massive potential for innovation and fresh ideas to emerge and revolutionise the playing field. This aspect suggests that it’s critical to remain open and adaptable, creatively sourcing cutting-edge solutions to unexpected challenges that may arise. It’s an opportunity to break free from old, stagnant patterns and embrace a more liberated approach to achieving our endeavours, both on a personal and collective level.
  • Saturn semi-sextile the New Moon: This aspect could give us the discipline and focus needed to achieve our intentions, lending a strong sense of timing and a willingness to work hard and persistently towards our goals. However, we may also need to be careful not to become too rigid or stuck in our ways, as this aspect can sometimes create a sense of inflexibility. Saturn’s current (and final) semisquare to Jupiter suggests heightened economic tensions and political pressure, with austere restriction and limitation in various areas of life. People may feel weighed down by the responsibilities and obligations they have taken on and may struggle to make ends meet or find a sense of freedom or spontaneity. This could lead to frustration or rebellion, resulting in conflicts or disruptions to the status quo.

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Given the current transits and considering global trends and patterns, we can say that despite considerable challenges, some opportunities could arise both at the individual and collective levels to make significant shifts into a more prosperous year ahead.

On an individual level, some people may continue to experience economic hardships, mental health issues, or personal setbacks due to the pandemic and its residual socioeconomic effects. However, despite the upheaval to the old world order, many may discover new opportunities for growth and development in whole new areas, whether through establishing an entirely new network of personal relationships, innovative career changes, or self-improvement efforts.

On a collective level, there may be continued social and political unrest in some parts of the world, as well as ongoing challenges related to joblessness, poor infrastructure, economic and social inequality, and other global issues. However, among the worrying aspects, there are also many positive trends and developments, such as advances in technology, greater awareness of social and environmental issues, and increased collaboration and cooperation among nations.

In terms of preparing ourselves to focus on positive intentions, it can be helpful to cultivate practices such as mindfulness, gratitude, and empathy, as well as to seek out sources of inspiration and support. We can also take action to contribute to positive change in our own lives and communities, whether through volunteering, activism, or other means. It is evident that the Libra Full Moon (Apr 6), and the ensuing eclipses will precipitate enormous unrest during the coming weeks.

Ultimately, the best way to move beyond negative thinking and focus on positive outcomes is to remain open-minded, adaptable, and resilient in the face of challenges, while also staying connected to our values, purpose, and goals.

With Venus currently on the North Node, we can expect a harmonious and serendipitous time in the way we draw in celestial energy, and along with the New Moon in Aries, it is as much a promise as it is a warning to “be careful what you wish for”.

Setting Your World Axis New Moon Intention:

During this most powerful New Moon phase, it is especially important to be mindful of what you wish for, not just for yourself but for the entire planet. This is a powerful time to manifest your desires, as the alignment of the Sun and Moon creates a unique opportunity to tap into the electromagnetic properties of manifestation and set an intention that hits the mark. Ultimately, our external universe will mirror the cumulative intention of all individuals on earth.

The conscious source-generation of the Aries Sun on the World Axis provides the electrical charge required to send your intentions out into the unified field, while the emotional receptacle of the Aries Moon provides a magnetic charge -a suitable matrix that attracts those frequencies in the field that are a vibrational match to your intention.

To harness this power, it is crucial to be consciously clear on what you want to create (new job, better relationship, more income, holiday, etc) and combine it with an elevated emotion. By doing so, you create a powerful energy field that draws your desired experience to you. However, it is most critical to note that the quantum field responds to all frequencies, not just positive ones. The universe loves you very much and promises to deliver precisely whatever is charging in your emotional body. Therefore, upholding a positive, creative, and compassionate mindset, matched with a confluent emotional state during the New Moon phase, is crucial to avoid attracting unwanted experiences.

If you are angry, depressed or experiencing any other negative emotion during the New Moon phase, it is important to address and release those feelings before setting your intentions. Otherwise, you may inadvertently attract unwanted experiences that are aligned with those negative emotions.

The Aries Equinox New Moon is a globally momentous time for setting intentions and manifesting our desires, but it requires careful attention to our thoughts and emotions. By setting clear intentions that align with our compassionate elevated emotional state, we can tap into the electromagnetic properties of Neptune’s unified quantum field of manifestation and create a whole new destiny for ourselves.

Again, I have prescribed your little survival guide, here. Please read your Sun sign and Rising sign messages to get the full picture of how this thing rolls out for you…

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