“Resurgence of Inner Strength: An Emotional Renewal”: The NEW MOON at 14°23′ Cancer, Friday, July 5, 2024, 22:58 UTC

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When the Sun is in Cancer, we want to feel safe. Our safety and security, our personal protection, becomes the object, the intent of our being. Whether consciously or instinctively (or both), as the Sun and Moon converge to form their synodic reset in Cancer, we seek to make ourselves safe, secure, comfortable, coddled and moddled in our private little safety zones. Of course, our whole interpretation of “safe” is as subjective and idiosyncratic as the next person’s, and it is as much an emotional matter as it is mental, physical and even spiritual. So why is “feeling safe” so important?

The Intention to Feel Safe

The Solstice Full Moon (June 22) had us all yearning for a place to be ourselves without the scrutiny and judgement of others. Its T-square to Neptune perhaps revealed to us that ‘home’ is not just a physical location but a place in our heart where we find protection and peace of mind from the harsh ravages of the external world. With the New Moon, we’re not just looking to establish our safe haven; we’re setting a firm intention to embody a sense of spiritual solitude. Only in our aloneness do we find both freedom and safety to truly be ourselves, shielded from the madness of the outside world, and the need to feel held, heard and understood.

Emotional sensitivity is at an all-time high. We pick up on every perceived threat—every comment, glance, and little slight becomes magnified. In our hyper-touchiness, we may become defensive and emotionally reactive, exuding a desire for a familiar connection with anything and anyone we know is trustworthy. At times, this verges on asphyxiating clinginess, as the crab in us yearns to attach itself to the most nostalgic remnants of the past.

Perhaps the crab in each of us seeks to fortify its hard outer shell in order to shield our soft inner centre. Of course, every lunation is different, so it perhaps behoves us to put this year’s Cancer New Moon into context: Ceres in Capricorn, directly opposing this New Moon, tells us not to obsess over safety and security. Like the archetypal stern parent, Ceres in Capricorn is saying, “Don’t worry so much about what’s inside your castle walls; there’s a kingdom outside that needs your attention too.”

As Neptune stations to retrograde at 29º Pisces, we tap into Universal Consciousness, our collective consciousness becomes attuned to the healers, mystics, psychics, and spiritual guides, people who can connect us to themes of self-sacrifice and unconditional love. Creativity and idealism soar, but so do delusions, addictions, and mental health struggles. This critical degree blurs reality, dissolving personal boundaries into a communal state of oneness, and our protective shields become permeable and porous, allowing us to pick up every psychic influence, for better or for worse. Isolation, loneliness, depression, escapism, and a struggle to balance something tangible with the myriad of abstractions emerge. It’s a time for profound introspection and spiritual exploration, but also for confronting and shielding off the darkest shadows of the psyche—drifters, grifters, and shape-shifters alike.

Saturn is also stationed retrograde in Pisces, engendering a collective state in which we feel all structures and institutions are in a state of dissolution, so weak and feeble that they are incapable of lending us the much-needed support we seek from our society, our leaders, and our systems of government. We turn inwards to find the voice of reason and the discipline we need to hold ourselves together as the world around us slowly disintegrates in preparation for a massive renewal.

We discussed the current lunation against the full backdrop of planetary energies—both analytically and in greater synthesis—in our most recent episode of ‘Cosmic Bus’, our premium astrology report. Watch the full report here:

“Mirages and Safehavens”: CANCER NEW MOON LUNATION REPORT [Cosmic Bus #2427]

In this lunation, the blending of the Cancer Sun’s conscious intent with the Cancer Moon’s instinctive urge to match this creates the perfect synergy for setting intentions that focus our attention on ensuring emotional security, nurturing, and growth.

The current astrological alignment of planets—the tight opposition from asteroid Ceres, the trine to Saturn, the sextile of Mars and Venus, etc.- provides a rich context for what we are feeling and how we wish to stay protected during times when our emotional bodies become so sensitised and filled with uncertainty.

I have composed a series of lunation messages for each of the zodiac signs, describing intricately how all this affects each of you. This is our chance to understand the complex issues at play now and to lay the groundwork for a more stable, emotionally rich life. This is a perfect moment to listen to your intuitive side. Trust those gut feelings, let your instincts guide you, and allow yourself to grow emotionally and spiritually. Use these New Moon horoscope readings and the Intentions I have laid out for you to build a sanctuary that not only protects you from life’s storms but also nurtures your soul. It’s time to fortify your emotional fortress, ensuring that you’re prepared for whatever comes your way while thriving in your personal sanctuary.

Many blessings, and have an amazing New Moon xx

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