“Shelter from the Storm: A Full Reality Check”: The FULL MOON at 01°07′ Capricorn, Saturday, June 22, 2024, 01:07 UTC

art: Arantza Sestayo

Greetings Fellow Travellers,

It’s Solstice time, and with the Sun entering Cancer, it’s the season to hunker down. All around the world, you can practically hear the collective sigh of relief as everyone retreats into their shells, seeking refuge from the chaos. It is a strange time—Neptune’s station at the final degrees of Pisces means a series of squares from Venus, Mercury, and now the Sun, creating a period where dissonance and incredulity are at an all-time high. Sensitivity to unbearable realities is acute, manifesting in convoluted forms of distraction and evasiveness.

But it’s not you. It’s they who do not understand.
Who are they?

Whoever they may be, you wish they’d understand, but what we’ve learnt over the past few weeks is that everyone’s logic is a little twisted right now, and with Mercury, Venus, and now Sun locked in a tight Cancerian grip until July, it’s probably best that we retreat back into our respective crabholes, turn our homes into a cosy little nest, stockpile our comfort foods, and wrap ourselves tightly in metaphorical and literal security blanket.

And we’ll have none of those surprise visits, either. Heck, we’re terrified at the mere thought of neighbours stepping over our borders. No matter how hospitable we may claim to be to those we know well, the Cancerian in each of us isn’t above pointing a shotgun at any varmint who dares to trespass on our property.


Let’s face it: with the world in turmoil, it’s no wonder the Cancer season’s craving for comfort and security feels more urgent than ever. With the world in the epic throes of two brutal and bitter conflicts—Russia chomping away at Ukraine like a relentless meatgrinder and Israel lockjawing Palestine in a vicious cycle of violence for nine agonising months—everyone’s nerves are frayed. Considering we are only at stage one of the cruel Saturn/Pluto semisquare period, the next nine months are set to put us all through the grinder, with rising food, housing and fuel prices high on everyone’s mind, especially now, as Mercury sextiles Mars in Taurus.

In this clammy climate, Cancer’s natural inclination to turn inward, fortify your home, and seek comfort in the familiar feels not just right, but necessary. Your home is your castle; it becomes a sanctuary, a place to pull up the drawbridge and shut out the world’s madness and surround yourself with things that make you feel safe. Herbal teas, fluffy blankets, family photos, and a pantry stocked to the brim. Maybe some extra aligators in the moat too, because at this point, some sage and a few “shoo away bad energy” mantras might not cut it. It’s about creating a haven of stability amidst the storm, where the outside world’s anxieties are kept at bay.

Cancer season is about more than just retreating—it’s about nurturing and protecting what matters most. It’s when you feel an intense urge to connect deeply with loved ones, even if that means dragging them into your cosy bunker of sanity. This season, you’ll find yourself baking bread from scratch, not because you fancy yourself a chef, but because kneading dough is like therapy. Perhaps you feel strongly about calling on old friends, just to check in, but really to remind yourself you’re not alone.

Creativity flourishes in this most personal of all cosmic backdrops. Maybe it’s crafting something kitsch; maybe it’s redecorating; maybe it’s finally starting that novel or scripting those memoirs you’ve been thinking about. The watery Cancer season encourages us to channel our emotions into something tangible, something that gives us a private sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Of course, there’s the flip side, too: the tendency to shut ourselves off, to clam up and sulk our little hearts out. With Saturn in Pisces, this period can magnify our worries and fears and turn minor setbacks into industrial-grade depressions. Saturn stations to retrograde at the end of this month, so keep a grip on reality and don’t let your personal indulgences and maudlin little habits turn into an emotional prison.


At Solstice, we see the collective energy shift towards a desperate need for national security, stronger national identity, and fortified community defences. Yet, under Saturn in Pisces, this pursuit feels volatile and confusing, as leaders seem weak, feeble, and impotent. They may as well be absent, as the collective might be better off without their so-called guidance. There’s an unsettling sense that much is hidden beneath the surface. Skullduggery and backdoor shenanigans are rampant.

The growing tensions between the US and China, and the US and Iran, have created a global landscape more combustible than a ticking time bomb. Europe is swinging hard to the right, with xenophobia and bigotry making a nasty comeback. With Mars approaching its conjunction to Uranus (mid-July) in the conservative, hardline fundamentalist Taurus, fuelling the insurgent rise to the right with a fiery, rebellious energy. As we can see, France is on the verge of a political showdown, with the far-right National Rally ready to pounce on the prevailing left. The elections, set for when Saturn stations at 19º Pisces on June 29, will be a litmus test for the tumultuous times ahead, especially given that the USA elections are only 4-5 months away.

In any case, one must know that things are not about to stabilise any time soon. A fall of empires is nigh, and the bell tolls for the safe, secure illusions of the old world. Something brave, and undeniably different is in the pipes.

The smell of war is thick in the air, adding to the sense of impending civilisational doom. Some European countries, including France and Germany, sensing the brewing conflict, are actively debating the return of conscription, drafting their citizens in preparation for what feels like an inevitable clash, both internally and with neighbouring tribes. The drums of war beat louder, echoing through the corridors of power, stirring a primal fear that permeates the very fabric of society.


The Sun’s near conjunction with Venus and its midpoint with Mercury in Cancer sets the stage for a period of emotional volatility and desperate need for security. The Full Moon at 1º07′ Capricorn creates a dissociate T-Square with Neptune at 29º Pisces. Tensions are high, but their source is mysterious and hard to pinpoint. It’s like trying to navigate through a dense fog with a busted compass. Neptune’s illusory effects mean perceptions are warped. Since 2011, when Neptune first entered Pisces, our sensory experiences have become mired in the surreal—a sense of boundless ‘oneness’, particularly expedited by our foray into the world of social media, means that we have relied more on our collective feelings rather than hard facts to form the basis of our reality. Reality and fantasy blur into one confusing mess, and you’re left wondering if you’re losing your grip or if the world has gone mad.

Pluto retrograding in the first degree of Aquarius, forming a semisextile to the Full Moon and a quincunx to the Sun, means much is not sitting well with the tech powers of surveillance and control. The hidden forces of gaslighting and manipulation are at full throttle. Social media, once a beacon of connectivity, has turned into a labyrinth of deception and propaganda. The media, political spin doctors, and social media algorithms work tirelessly to shape our perceptions, making it increasingly difficult to discern truth from illusion. They thrive on this fog, feeding us narratives that serve their agendas while obscuring the actual state of affairs. It’s a deliberate effort to keep us disoriented, compliant, and dependent on the very sources that perpetuate this chaos.

This Full Moon highlights the stark contrast between Cancer’s need for emotional safety and Capricorn’s demand for hard-nosed reality. It’s a cosmic tug-of-war, pulling you between the urge to hide under your blanket and the necessity to face the cold, hard truths. While Cancer seeks to retreat into the comforting embrace of familiar surroundings, Capricorn insists on confronting the unvarnished reality. This tension can leave you feeling torn between the desire to protect yourself and the need to pierce through the fog of deception.

You might find yourself questioning long-held beliefs, recognising that what you’ve been told doesn’t quite add up. It’s a time to sharpen your critical thinking, to seek out reliable information, and to trust your instincts when something feels off. The Neptunian influence wants you to succumb to the siren call of escapism, but the Capricorn Full Moon demands that you stay grounded and vigilant.

This is where your Cancerian instincts can actually serve you well. Use your heightened intuition to sense the underlying currents of truth amidst the sea of misinformation. Create a safe space where you can process these revelations without succumbing to fear or confusion. Surround yourself with trusted allies and sources that prioritise integrity over sensationalism.


It’s not all bad. The Sun/Venus/Mercury conjunction in Cancer offers a lifeline amidst this chaos. Heightened self-consciousness, feelings of apartness, and even moments of insecurity can become catalysts for profound personal growth. These very struggles can drive you to seek solace in language, literature, and the deeper realms of the mind. They push you towards laughter and the mad intensities that shape and reshape your very essence. Without these challenges, you might never dive into the depths of introspection and creativity that ultimately make and unmake you.

The conjunction’s influence encourages you to turn inward, not out of fear, but as a means of discovering your true self. It’s a period where your vulnerabilities become your strengths, where your emotional highs and lows guide you to a richer understanding of who you are. In this light, the feelings of helplessness and insecurity are not mere obstacles; they are gateways to greater self-awareness and resilience.

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