‘Mind Over Matter’: The NEW MOON at 09°03′ GEMINI, Monday, May 30, 11:31 UTC

It is New Moon time, when our luminaries, Sun and Moon, align to form their synodic recommencement. Occurring at 09°03′ Gemini, it is a time when our most instinctive, habitual nature receives conscious information from the cosmos that becomes unified with our intention to focus on a new start in a specific area in our lives. 

If you take a quiet moment to tune into yourself, observe where your mind is taking you. What are the matters pouring into your conscious awareness for you right now, and how are your emotional body, heart, and soul reacting to these? Gemini is mutable air, ruled by Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun. Mercury acts as the most direct, unfiltered messenger to the most potent source of creative energy in our universe. 

Through Gemini, planets take on Mercury’s logical, democratic facet that looks at everything through a microscopic lens focused on scientific observation, objective discernment, and the comparison of equalities. 

The Gemini lunation is hence about helping us focus on the information available to us. It is a golden opportunity to clear our heads to receive important messages and clues about ourselves and our world. We set up pathways of transmission, agencies and mechanisms that will help us carry out the particulars of larger projects, performing tasks within the projects themselves, including planning and problem solving, all functions that will become tested over the next 12 months.

As we discuss in detail during our regular weekly cosmic bus episodes, the next few weeks and coming months draw us further into unsettling yet exciting new frontiers. The lives of all humans on this planet, regardless of where they live and the culture/state to which they conform, are subject to remarkable recalibration, both internally and externally. 

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You will observe an unsentimental detachment to the physical, material world as Uranus approaches his conjunction to the Taurus North Node. Unprecedented new insights and innovative technologies permeate every aspect of our material and financial world throughout June and July, disrupting our old connections and shaking our stability. Many existing systems will break up, and old supply chains will be severed as we transition into a new economic model. 

Nobody knows how this will affect, but outer planets like Uranus care little about the comfort and spoils of the individual ego as they administer their dosage of widespread (r)evolutionary changes throughout the entire globe. We know that things are not working. The global economic system is an entity unto itself, as is the physical earth and its resources. There is much instability and disagreement about how we must deal with these. We know that many things must shift, and will do dramatically, and we are nervously anticipating what those could be, forming strong personal opinions and starting to voice those opinions, sometimes rashly without regard for how they may bring upsets. We also gather stockpiles of hope, for what it’s worth. This will be necessary in the case of any emergency.

The lunation ruler, Mercury, is slow, retrograde and stationing at the end of Taurus to a fixed square with Saturn in Aquarius. This very tense aspect between these two planets places a somewhat gloomy cast to mind. Our thoughts about the past come into conflict with the pressing need to qualify, limit and define how they tie into the socio-economic responsibilities we must face in the present. Those most stuck by this aspect will notice an intense tightening of the purse strings, replete with narrow-mindedness and mistrust of everything and everyone they meet.

As Mars and Jupiter conjunct in the early degrees of Aries, there is a considerable upsurge for independence and freedom of action; both Mars and Jupiter encourage us to go our own way and do our own thing, which has usually has the tendency to either inspire or aggravate others into action.

On Monday, May 30, the Gemini lunation comes to us like a post in the mail, not unlike this message. It informs us that we must gather only those things that are vital and relevant, and be ready, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for what is coming. 

Your intention for this New Moon must prepare you for what is to come. Knowing who to contact, where to go, how to get there and what you will need to carry, and be well-informed about, is an integral part of this leg of the journey. You will notice that certain instances and incidents remind you that you must plan your route for the way ahead, both instinctively and interactively, among all those around you.

Over the next couple of weeks, leading into the Neptune t-squared Sagittarius Full Moon, it will critical to determine who are your trusted sources of factual information and ‘truth’, versus those disseminating misinformation, delusion and lies.

For this lunation, I have prepared an insightful reading and set of intentions for each sign [see below] as a guide to assist you in understanding what is most significant for you at this time. Please read carefully and take in as this New Moon forms. 

Many blessings, and have an amazing New Moon xx

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(Cover Art by Machado Leão)

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One comment

  1. I was wondering when you were going to start talking about what is coming.
    My Circle has been talking about this and waiting for it for almost 20 years.
    2012 postponed because of the “Bad Guys” digging in their heels, stubbornly refusing to give up, becoming more and more virulent as their end inevitably approached.

    I so hope that this is truly imminent. Your January 2020 about that year was spot on. I hope this is, too.

    I must commend you on your most excellent essays; they are very well written.