“Like Walking on Eggshells” – First-Quarter Moon at 18°23′ Leo: Monday, May 09

On this first-quarter moon phase, we are squarely in the energetic slump between these two eclipses and while thoughts may stray to those less fortunate, runaway egos and enlivened spirits can make even the most depressed people come alive.

With both CHIRON and URANUS forming a midpoint to stationary PLUTO you may feel an intense internal pressure to be free and open. Observe the compulsion to overcome cultural expectations, limiting beliefs and agendas so that you may experience the uniqueness of each moment.

JUPITER will exit Pisces on Tuesday. What did he teach us?

1. Never give up on your dreams
2. Don’t be a victim of your past
3. Pay heed to those light-bulb moments

If you missed it, don’t worry: JUPITER will be back in Pisces on October 28; he’s just stepping briefly into Aries for a right little tear-up.

The Leo Moon’s half-reflection of the Taurus Sun reminds us that self-respect translates into respect coming from others and believing in your own self-worth and having confidence shows others how valuing themselves can help them.

While the SATURN/URANUS frustration in coping with fixed ideas from others which run counter to our own fixed ideas continues; crippling friendships whose political views and alliances clash with our own; observe your own indifference or odd reactions from otherwise reliable friends. The height of this moon phase brings tempers to a boil when we do not get what we want. Remember to allow others to express who they are or what they believe in, even though their ideas are different from yours.

Any effort to keep an open mind is needed. Your judgment and actions must not be impaired by prejudices. Open your ears enough to listen to others with your heart. In the next week, attempt to be a little more humble and restrain your pride.

Most importantly, remember to be tender with the young, kind with the aged, encouraging with the strugglers, and tolerant of the vulnerable, the weak, the ill and the wrong. Stay mindful that sometime in your life, you would have been all of these.

The proud Leo Moon’s quincunxes to MARS/NEPTUNE/JUPITER means people are easily hurt and offended, often without knowing why. Understand that leading into this total lunar eclipse, people are very touchy and need little provocation before they go into full-blown meltdown. Anyway, whatever the reason, folks are certainly suffering from tension charged with aggression and it’s super wise to handle every situation with care (egotists beware!). More on this here.

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