“Even The Worm Will Turn” – The Full Moon at 28°14′ Pisces, Monday Sep 20, 23:55 UTC

As we approach the Libra Equinox (Wed, Sep 22), we see the Sun reach its culmination point of his annual cycle. Going back to primitive times, humans noted that these Equinoxes were significant moments when day and night became equal, switching in length. Astrologers, too, note how mundane interests shift from the personal to the interpersonal. 

EQUINOXES are hence significant markers in the development of our awareness. Understanding your own relevance cannot be done in a vacuum. It requires context, feedback, conflict. It keeps us in check, makes life meaningful, and ensures we’re not slouching. After six months of focus on the personal (Aries-Virgo) the universe now holds up exterior reference points to see ourselves through others (Libra-Pisces). Time to come out and measure up to the mirror of relationship.

The Full Moon, occurring in the final stages of the Virgo/Pisces dichotomy, is also a culmination, where energies dissipate. Here, decisions must be made, agreements reached, rewards accepted, and things must end in certain circumstances, or we capitulate to spare more losses.

We will observe in our own lives how issues that are not sitting well become bothersome, reaching the point of crisis. We must soon face something serious, and mediation is necessary to help restore imbalances. Failing this, we may have to endure greater difficulties. It behoves us to become more engaged in partnerships, alliances, agreements over how we can work together, despite differences of lifestyle and beliefs. Failing this, we also get caught up in conflicts and untenable arrangements. As individuals, we seek to validate our relative importance to others, to be loved and accepted. In this strange, chaotic new version of society, we observe that others struggle to do the same. We have entered a brave new frontier, and hence, there is much excitement, even a sense of fear and trepidation in the current game of love and war.

Yes, we are living in phenomenal times when tremendous changes are occurring in our world. Much is happening that we do not understand. Outer planetary cycles, from the recent conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the semisquares of Uranus and Neptune and as far out as the squaring Pluto and Eris, are setting the backdrop for a monumental shift. 

Orthodox structures seem to crumble into ruins—humanity’s inability to maintain the old illusion of order and ‘normality’ no longer hold us together as they used to. The foundations of past systems (traditions, laws, policies, religions, constitutions, etc.) are being exposed as patently unsound to hold up these old structures. Many gaps in the core of our everyday practices, inconsistencies and errors in math and science, flaws in our moral and ethical understanding, and inequalities in the execution of our laws and economic management are coming undone. In a largely capitalistic framework, the cleverest and most ruthlessly self-serving have hijacked power, distorting and abusing it to placate and disempower others. Rampant profiteering and cronyism have given rise to demagogues with an utter disregard for both nature and the inalienable rights and freedoms of individuals and their will to live and serve their local communities.

Over the next few weeks, harsh transits augur a period of unprecedented unease and unrest. The irritability and tension we have each been feeling within since mid-March is now about to turn outward. Mercury, now in his retrograde shadow in Libra, is slowly about to hold a sustained T-square to the Pluto/Eris square. Corporate and political corruptions start to come to light that can no longer remain hidden, denied or defended. By Oct 9, when the Sun & Mars form their conjunction to a retro Mercury in mid-Libra, we see all ‘sides’ starting to take action to restore some sense of order. Things could get quite ugly, even violent, as the situation becomes more desperate to reach some resolution. Those who once stood for ‘competence’, ‘maturity’, ‘reason’ and ‘respectability’ will appear to have receded or failed. 

Under full light of this Pisces Full Moon, we see where we have become disillusioned and let down. It becomes starkly evident where we may have retreated into our fantasies or drifted aimlessly, paralysed by the confusion we created. Perhaps this withdrawal from the reality of our situation was a coping mechanism to deal with its absurdity or complexity. In that case, this will be time to face up to some heavy truths. Decisions and actions are in order.  

If we have become stuck, attempting to resolve one particular issue but lost all perspective of the greater purpose, we must find a way to synthesise the entire situation and its resolution without meandering from one irrelevancy to another.

Focusing upon the peripheral or insignificant matters rather than issues of principal concern has gradually moved us away from our spirit centre, made us emotionally vulnerable, insecure and incapable of coping with our real daily responsibilities. Whether you have become involved with abstractions, perverse distractions, convoluted versions of what may be going on around you in an attempt to ignore, or blame others for the outright abuses, the consequences of allowing or enabling the inequities and violations will somehow affect your psyche.

Turning inward, wallowing in self-pity and negativity serves nothing and helps nobody. The Virgo Sun brings all this under scrutiny, and the emotional sensitivity of the Pisces Moon becomes exposed. Taking a retiring, pathetic attitude to life’s responsibilities eats away at our physical health and mental well-being. If you are experiencing psychosomatic disorders; are mired by some kind of spiritual paralysis; becoming addicted to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, porn, Netflix or some other escapist mechanism; looking to prescriptions, medical procedures and other paraphernalia to ‘heal’ what is essentially a spiritual disease, then it’s time to come to terms with those debilitating habits.

Similarly, if in your relationships you see yourself attempting to compensate for a shaky self-image by meekly submitting to the demands of others; allowing yourself to be exploited and victimised; exercising little discrimination in how to live your life, thus becoming increasingly disillusioned and bitter, critical of those you thought you trusted, then it’s time to quit drowning in a sea of pitiful feelings and work to restore some order and clarity to that confusion and feelings of being cheated, mistreated and undermined.

It all starts with you drawing the line. Instead of blindly trusting others or the exterior universe to just ‘fix itself’, we each must assess each issue of concern realistically, choosing relationships and activities that are uplifting and enabling us to reach towards the Pisces heights of inspiration and transcendence. This is the highest possible vibration from Neptune, ruler of this nebulous, quantum field of infinite possibilities.

Opposite, the Virgo Sun helps us to determine which specific current of waves will carry us to which shore so that we surrender only to the flow that streams in accordance with our unique inner vision. We must learn to surf that wave in a way that has practical application and which enables us to manifest our highest ideals.

Hence, this Full Moon grounds us by showing us how to translate our compassion and spirituality into service. Unless we apply ourselves with diligence and dedication to even the most menial tasks – duties that benefit both ourselves and others, we are not working to serve the divine order. We must stop squandering energy into selfish pursuits. The universe is here to push us along now. There is nothing useless under the Sun. It either helps actively or prepares to soon feed the worms.

Here, in a matter of just a few days, “the worm will turn”.

The Moon seeks to reconcile our dreamy, romantic Pisces side to make a valuable contribution to humanity. At the same time, the Virgo Sun directs us toward disciplining our imagination, channelling inspiration into creative work, perfecting ourselves so that we are more capable of living more practically by our ideals. This lunation ensures that we choose the right people to serve. Our assistance is warranted, not wasted and does not weaken or undermine our cause but reinforces and empowers both parties, opening our hearts even more fully to explore the divine energies within and in the cosmic field.

As usual, I have prepared a complete series of empowering horoscope messages for each of the signs. Those who value and appreciate my work and wish to engage deeper can log into these intensive delineations for this period. Along with our weekly bus videos, filled with insights into how to manage these transits most effectively. Thank you so much to all my tribe for their support, and I welcome all new members to join.

Many Blessings, and have an amazing Full Moon and Equinox xx

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  1. Chloe Christiansen

    ooh yeah Worm is turning

  2. The worm’s a’turnin’ and the earth’s a’shakin’ and we better get to a’wakin’!!!
    Equinox blessings dear Ang!

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