Aries MOON activates CARDINAL T-SQUARE: The Spark of Transformation

The Moon now flanks the scorned ERIS in Aries, opposing MERCURY in Libra and squaring the hideous PLUTO in Capricorn, forming a Cardinal T-square – the most dynamically active of all T-square types.

These configurations plunge those affected into crises situations that activate all areas of personal life – domestic & family, partnerships, career commitments, forcing them to engage totally in their existential problems, bringing excitement, risk and even danger as they boldly rise to any challenge.

If your chart is activated (planets around the 24º) you are likely to spring into action. The current combination incites a call for action to restore balance, moderation, awareness, perspective, and the ability to evaluate and find solutions in areas where mind-control, gaslighting, mental torture, systemic exclusion and institutionalised denial produces suffering and even death.

Look to the world around you (both personal and public instances) for example of where matters have reached boiling point and are about to spill over. Observe that people (possibly you) are at the zenith of intolerance, possessed by the mind virus that seeks not only to divide but destroy the thing it considers “evil”. Of course, we all have our perspectives on this, so stay mindful that when we demonise others, we are blindly feeding the mass psychosis that seeks to break us down.

Events brewing now, both individual and social have the potential of sparking a movement whose magnitude of reach will eclipse even the #MeToo movement of Oct 2017. With Cancer being the empty space of this cardinal T-square, the relative emotional well-being, safety and security of our entire humanity is at stake.

What issues is your mind magnetising? Look around you, the seeds of discord and outrage that will catalyse the next great transformation are everywhere…

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