With the LEO MOON now on the VENUS/MARS conjunction, one might assume that this is the perfect time to go out there and blow one’s right-royal trumpet. Yet, against a tense SATURN/URANUS, even these three proud lions in the skies cannot be assured of any claim to their “rightful entitlements”.

The best you can do to stay truly desirable through this, and I know it’s a stretch, but maintain your inner strength, integrity and sheer, unflinching brilliance against life’s otherwise nullifying setbacks, her strange twists and vexatious reversals…

…and strut, strut from your gut.

Congrats to team ITALIA and commiserations to my darlings ENGLAND in the contest for the 2020 EURO CUP (eventually played yesterday due to ‘delays’).

Yes, it’s frustrating my darlings. You know you’re special, you deserve a whole lot more, and yet fate has its way that, even though in truth you really are winning, you feel it’s not so easy to enjoy the spoils. That’s because something else that’s really special’s also happening… somewhere in this universe is the dawning awareness that to have a triumph, victory or win, there’s also (by default) a trail of losers and discontented contenders, folks like you who’ll never really let your conscience party freely till they, too, feel like they can equally be a part of all the fun.

To Richard (Big Dick) Branson: It is a hollow victory when you’re the only dude who gets to be shot into space, man… I’m sorry, I should be happy for you, but really, this is a terrible time for folks like you, Bezos and Musk to be trying to take off from this parched and blazing planet earth. 🙁

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  1. Love this post! Great pic…”Church” and the hypnotizing giant antenna on top of that building right next to each other…hmm…very à propos depiction of the control mechanisms that have been in place for quite a while now.
    And yeah…the billionaires trying to escape the planet they have so savvily hypnotized the collective in destroying…well, good luck to them. There’s this little thing called Karma keeping an Eye out 🙂

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