Strut from your gut, reign your domain**…

**(opposite SATURN), remember to keep social distance at all times and don’t react like a jerk (square URANUS) if people scowl at you for being rude or ask you to wear a facial-covering when you get to the coffee house.

Totally me, on my daily walk earlier (the strut); listening to Mott the Hoople’s “All the young dudes”; and in my head thinking “if all of this is just a construct of my own mental projections, then that wisdom alone is surely all I wanted from this life”.

And it is… I mean, every day I realise more and more just how much freedom I have to choose whether I love or I detest something, and ‘to love’ is just so easy…

So what if part of me suspects that I am living in an increasingly fear-ridden, authoritarian police state?? In this fine moment, I’m rapt; over the moon that after all the inconvenience, I still get to choose to strut my ‘hood with dignity and brandish a heartfelt smile to one and all, mask or no mask, thanks.

Join me again, live,(usual time) on the Cosmic Bus, bring your curiosity, intelligence, malleability and intensity – unique characteristics that allow your quantum mind to be moulded and to mould as well, as we learn to dance together with the unique cosmic energy of NOW…

Thursday Night (USA)/Friday Morning

01:00 UTC – 18:00 PDT – 19:00 MDT – 20:00 CDT – 21:00 EDT – 11:00 AEST – 03:00 SAST


  1. Oh my goodness me Angst you have no idea how your post has lifted my spirits today. Thank you 🙏
    Doreen May

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