Energetic Surge: Solar Annular Eclipse at 19°47′ Gemini – Thursday, June 10 2021, 10:53 UTC

It is eclipse time again. In its most intense, annular phase, this solar eclipse will be visible from parts of Russia, Greenland, and northern Canada, while those in Northern Asia, Europe, and the United States might see a partial eclipse (weather permitting). Here, our Luna will pass before the Gemini Sun, leaving Sol’s visible outer edges to form a “ring of fire” or annulus around the Moon. Mercury too, now retrograde and moving slowly, will be sandwiched between the two luminaries, less than one degree from the alignment. The solar eclipse is here to replace what the blood moon took away. To forecast that a surge of mind-altering celestial messages is befalling onto our planet and into our lives around this phenomenal event may be an astrological understatement.

In a world saturated with information, much of it questionable due to its sullied and contrived intent to twist matter into some profitable end, it is hard to know exactly where and how to appropriate one’s attention in order to get an accurate, sturdy reference point. What’s real and not real, true or not true – this ceaseless struggle to sift through the daily deluge of data by which to base our bearings is today made especially more tedious, given the world is under the spell of a global pandemic. Our information is a two-way arrangement, and what we know about ourselves vs what others know about us becomes the central theme, punctuated by eclipses around the transiting Gemini/Sadge Nodal axis.

Eclipses are merely lunations (new and full moons) in overdrive. Their tremendous power to dismantle and reset critical areas in our lives is unquestionable, particularly if they contact key points or planets in our personal chart. [Book a private session to look at this in-depth.] Their wild, unsteadying nature has the potential to throw our lives into disarray, simply because they often reveal our destiny in a previously undisclosed light, one which is portentously intermeshed with the lives of others.

Trying to make sense of anything during this current mid-eclipse energy slump has been like trying to swim out of last month’s Blood Moon sinkhole (Sinkhole de Mayo?). The total lunar eclipse has indeed created some mayhem, especially in T-square with dispositor Jupiter, now stationing to retrograde in Pisces. Information is being breadcrumbed, truth is garbled or misleading, raising questions and inquiries that lead nowhere and fail to allow a clear reading on how things fit together. Besides all this, the level of evasiveness from those in control makes it even more obvious that we, as individuals, are falling out of the loop, and the big, ‘secret’ agenda of governments and corporations is to corral everyone into an evolutionary holding pen, one where, by the next series of eclipses around the Taurus/Scorpio Nodes, we will all become a marketable commodity.

Whilst the intensity of May 26th Sadge Lunar Eclipse’s “bipolar” effect (sun-moon opposition) produced strong, dissipating waves of energy at both ends of the nodal axis, bringing the theme of personal ‘information vs knowledge’ to a cosmic head, or public crescendo, it has left us wondering how little we know about ourselves in contrast to what others know and remains to be known. More concerningly, how is our current data, much of it intrusively private being used and by whom and to what means?

The Solar Eclipse, both by sign and nodal polarity, is always the fulcrum of any eclipse season. Since the beginning of this month, the Gemini Sun’s ruler, Mercury – purveyor of all facts and data – has been retrograding and locked into a sustained square to nebulous Neptune. Mercury is a trickster – he cleverly chooses the parameters and pathways of our perception complexes according to what elements are currently available to him. Our informed opinion (knowledge) is based on what we see, hear, smell or touch, click, like and subscribe. Our minds develop a language by which we can interpret and store these perceptions into our interconnected memory banks, then link these together to explain any relevant matter.

Of course, much of it depends on basic education, but regardless of how well-trained our mind, there are invariably limitations and selective biases in our own personal algorithm – as there are in the operating systems of big tech and government. In any system, culturally imposed intrusions into the way our mind perceives matter through learning, observation and experiment, turned into knowledge (science) can become narrow and constrained, to say the least.

If this all sounds a little too intricate and complex, then understand that much of your own mental processes are conducted in a largely automatical, like prescripted programming in your life. Cogitation, language, mobility, etc become a matter of course, relative to your environmental influences (parents, siblings, teachers, preachers, media etc). For you, the way in which your mind thinks can be delineated more succinctly (and as simply as you can understand) by the astrologer who symbolically determines your mental ways by examining where Mercury is placed in your horoscope by sign, house, aspects, transits & progressions. Also important, the third house, planets in Gemini and the house where Gemini is at cusp, midpoints, etc, reveals much about what’s going on in your mind.

Last month’s total lunar eclipse, whose South Node to Sagittarius forced us to stop and question everything about what we know and what we come to believe or disbelieve based on our respective biases. Whilst it may seem that the past two weeks have been filled with revelations, there has been largely dissemination of knowledge and, if anything, an admission about how little we actually know.

The Solar Annular Eclipse in Gemini (June 10) includes a tight inferior conjunction to its dispositor Mercury, now retrograde and in perigee (closest to earth). Since retrograde Mercury will tend to find the mind playing perfect trickster upon itself, the propensity to misunderstand even the simplest of facts, and to be misconstrued, remains a dominant theme throughout June. Given that the entire Solar eclipse complex (Sun, Moon, Mercury Rx) receives a square from Neptune, the propensity for disillusionment, fraud and subtle mind-manipulation is high, as is the threshold of intolerance to liars, swindlers and propagandists, particularly by those of us who are able to stay ‘clear’ about what is going on.

In all respects, the Solar Eclipse returns a surge of mental energy into the collective after the May 26 Blood Moon’s Energetic Shutdown. We can expect enormous amounts of old news to come to the surface, disrupting our way of thinking and raising a plethora of new questions about what indeed constitutes our truth.

Is the truth what we tell ourselves about ourselves?
Is the truth what we tell ourselves about others?
Is the truth what we tell about ourselves to others?
Is the truth what we tell about others to others?
Is the truth what we tell about everything to everyone?

Such a difficult lunation can be messy and confusing, and eclipses in mutable signs generally tend to pro­duce meandering, fluid and multifaceted results which, on the surface are difficult to diagnose. These complex, undulating results will seem to hang and linger on and, whilst certainly less cataclysmic than car­dinal or fixed eclipses, their effect upon our lives is subtle, mysterious and will last for a long time. Learning to be discrete, straightforward, helpful, and taking a moment to gather our thoughts before sharing them is generally challenging to the culturally-trained mind, but this is what mindfulness preaches. Real truth-telling requires courage. It takes guts to speak your truth. To have this degree of courage requires commitment – it has to really matter to you to follow through on truth-telling.

Watch this eclipse hurl an energetic curveball – a truth bomb, as it were – a surge of energy that rocks the very foundations of your entire constitution…

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  1. jackie (Raven) Tribe

    Holy crap. This explains a lot. For a long time, I’ve been having the feeling of something big about to happen, even though I can’t seem to put my finger on it. .So, it’s more stuff to sort through ! . . ok, bring it on me thinks. (trying to smile and not grimace here)

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