Energetic Shutdown – The Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon at 05°26′ Sagittarius: Wednesday, May 26 11:14 UTC

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The Sagittarius Full Moon occurs just a few hours after the Moon reaches perigee – the closest point to Earth in her monthly orbit. This will present as a Super Flower Blood Moon, indeed the closest supermoon (bigger/brighter) of 2021.

At some point in the next 24 hours, due to this lunation’s alignment near the Nodal Axis, the earth will intercede between the Sun and Moon, producing a Total Lunar Eclipse. This phenomenon will be visible to those in western North America and far southern South America in the early morning of May 26, as well as to those in the Hawaiian Islands. In Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Southeast Asia, you may see it on the evening of the 26th.

During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth umbra (shadow) obstructs the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon, darkening her full glow. In the cosmic marriage, it’s as if Sol is suddenly disengaged from his “wife,” Luna. For a brief moment, one half of the Earth will receive the full blast of the Gemini’s Sun’s beaming rays while the other half of the globe is left completely in the cold and dark without any modulated moonlight at all. It is an extreme energetic phenomenon – the earth, literally being bombarded with solar power (conscious awareness) shields the moon’s capacity to reflect (instinctively react) her Sagittarian impulses. Here on earth we feel pulled in two directions – our mind says one thing, our body, quite the opposite.

The Sun in Gemini is logical, rational, emphasises reasoning, concerned with facts and figures, scientific and empirical. It promotes inductive thought by gleaning over all available information, being mindfully observant, gathering data, testing it and using it to connect the dots. Willfully light and breezy, the Gemini Sun reminds us to live in the present, focusing upon the vibrancy of our immediate realities. Sol’s proximity to the North Node (05°A17′), exalted in Gemini due to the increase in versatility, adaptability and mental agility, indicates that there is a strong karmic pull for humanity to see how the world looks through the eyes of others; put ourselves in others’ place, and to see both sides of every story.

Leading up to, and at the height of the Sagittarian Lunar Eclipse, we are called to let go of trends and tendencies that have overextended into grandiosely moral, religious and dogmatic belief-centred thinking or philosophising. We may see how strongly held, self-righteous attitudes make it difficult to be a fair and reasonable judge of even our own actions; resisting the demands of society; trying to shirk away from responsibility and denying the application of any real understanding to the way we live our life.

This lunation produces a powerful energetic shutdown. Our preoccupation with trivia, our tendency to become lost in arguments over assumptions, conjecture and quasi-conceptual realms that have little or no relevance to our daily circumstances needs to end, and we are called to focus on rebuilding the pathways to a better society.

Being misinformed, or unknowledgeably wrong and manipulatively persuasive has reached its zenith (or should we say nadir). In a time when nobody believes a thing anymore, being sure of anything doesn’t make one an expert or a guru. It only makes them a target for scepticism and critical thinking. We see this most strongly at this time, with a stationing Mercury squaring Neptune, Saturn’s station to retrograde and a mutable T-Square to this Eclipsed Supermoon from Jupiter in Pisces.

The missing arm here is Virgo, which calls for greater discernment and earthy, practical application of all apparent facts and figures, sophistries and fanciful imaginings. If anything, this SuperMoon lunation only accentuates how humans have eternally been confused and will continue to be confused about what they think is true or false and in what they consider to be right and wrong. Hence, it is best to exercise the power of critical thinking, try to see matters from both sides and work towards finding workable solutions, at least for the present moment, until more information comes to light.

Eclipse energy brings about sudden disturbances which coincide with deep changes in both inner world and outer world awareness. Eclipses in mutable signs produce meandering, fluid and multifaceted results which can dramatically shift our life circumstances in such profound ways, delivering confusing, undulating results that seem to introduce changes that, whilst subtle and vague, in the long run, are positive for our spiritual growth and development. Eclipses precipitate new growth experiences, incidents and events which often lead us into new stages of development.

Where do the Eclipses for this year fall in your birth chart? What types of inter-relational aspects are being formed between the current Eclipses and your natal chart that will dramatically affect your life over the next six to eighteen months? For those who are experiencing major shifts, I welcome you to book a private session where we can look at your entire chart in detail, and for those following me on the cosmic bus, I have provided an in-depth analysis of the more general effects of these eclipses in your special, empowering horoscope readings.

Sending you many blessings, and wishing you all a rewarding and illuminating experience xx

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