“For All It’s Worth…” The NEW MOON at 21°18′ TAURUS, Tuesday, May 11, 19:01 UTC

[artist unknown: sri krishna radha]

The lunation cycle describes the confluence and divergence; the ebb and flow of phases between our Sun and Moon. Our Sun brings light and consciousness to all that which is deeply personal and mysteriously hidden in our subconscious, ruled by the Moon. This monthly dance between the Sun and Moon – the two luminaries, or primary rulers of our being reset at their synodic conjunction every 29.5 days – a point in the lunar calendar that we call the ‘New Moon’. Around this time, the Moon appears to vanish into the Sun’s powerful rays, nights become darker, and we shed the last of any residual feelings, habits and attachments – a process made conscious two weeks earlier, at the Full Moon phase. At the New Moon, we purge every last drop of our unwanted selves, as in anticipation of a whole new cycle.

Last month’s New Moon In Aries marked the incarnation of a new self-consciousness, one which will evolve gradually over the next 12 lunations as the Sun makes his way around the zodiac. At Taurus, the sign of fixed/earth, the seed of self-awareness that germinated in Aries becomes invigorated into physical form and seeks protection and security. If you are tuned into the natural rhythms of life, you may observe the subtle, primordial pull of both your deliberate and instinctive attention shifting towards the perseverance, stabilisation, longevity, virility, fertility and sustenance of your being. This conscious awareness extends not only to the well-being of your most unconscious patterns, habits and processes but to all that you identify as yours, such as your physical body and its organs, your material belongings and possessions, your energetic and financial investments, properties, and those in life whom you can call your own.

The Taurus New Moon is hence a time when we place focus on all that is of substantial value to us, that which we “possess” or consider “ours”. Although the energetic reason we attach our spirit to ‘things of substance and value’ in our world has much to do with the magnetic powers of attraction, imbued through Taurus by its ruler, Venus, we must pay careful respect to the various other astrological influences acting upon this lunation, both in key aspects and midpoints.

Venus is at 03°♊19′, and though her magnetism in this air sign lends an ability to easily accommodate ourselves to prevailing circumstances and a desire to discuss ideas with others, there is a danger of quarrels and disagreements due to placing value on superficial interests, investments and insipid love attachments. Also, a square to Jupiter from Venus is a reminder not to overindulge in things we don’t need, can’t stand or are dangerously excessive or meaningless. Venus will soon contact the Gemini North Node, indicating important soul-contacts are magnetising towards us.

The lunation itself, precise at 21°♉18′ on Tue May 11  2021, 19:00:57 UTC, is blessed with a sextile (1°A21′) to Neptune, raising the physical body’s sensitivity to the subtle psychic influences of the collective field, the shared imaginings and dreams of people and environments. In today’s highly permeable, potentially infectious circumstances, we may need to shield or retreat into isolation and quiet in order to inwardly cleanse and renew our vital energies. Neptune here can assist both our inner/outer life and our fanciful imaginings to be made more suitable in the direction we wish to invest our energies, for both physical and social activities, and probably many of our key decisions are made by acting on the nebulous and unconscious impulses that are coming through us via the quantum field.

Also significant is the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint, squaring this Taurus lunation from Aquarius, denoting the importance of exercising caution or restraint with any opportunities, setting achievable goals and plans for where we invest our energies and resources; being realistic about financial advice offered; keeping our feet on the ground with regard to buying into latest scientific innovations and sociopolitical reforms. Some of the drawbacks here are experienced as an increased pessimism about our ability to cope with the existential concerns of the future; feeling inadequate or ineffectual when comparing ourselves to others; gloss­ing over the real reasons for present or past failures; and experiencing losses in any business, career or financial investments which fail to keep up with progress.

In relationships, this will be a time to adopt a more serious outlook with regards to partnerships and persons who can match our own self-worth and earning potential. We sense a preference for those who are serious, seeing partners for the kind of people they are, not just in substance and reliability but in moral or ethical fibre; feeling, too, that if the people we are with don’t know our full potential, that we are being underappreciated.

This lunation immediately precedes the Sadge/Gemini eclipses, so in the greater sense points out critical issues around processes to do with economic checks and balances around the justice and legal, governmental, religious, or social systems; showing us limitations, repressions and restrictions in the administration and operation of justice, as well as exposing judicial and financial systems now at their breaking point. Similarly, concerns and pessimism surface about the inability of current law enforcement agencies to control lawbreakers. The bigger questions which arise during this New Moon, leading into the turbulent eclipse period, will be around who are the real criminals and how do we stop them from committing violations upon society and this planet, as well as the pressing urgency to balance leniency and harshness within the overall social and economic order.

If you are dreaming of the potential for a new substantiality; feeling that you can somehow contribute positively towards influencing social change; boasting your ability to demonstrate positive leadership by extending your influence in busi­ness or social activities involving worthwhile, earth-sustainable outcomes without overestimating your current personal inventories or commodities reserves, then this Taurus New Moon will cement you and all your intentions at the forefront of human endeavour over the coming year. Naturally, with Uranus also in Taurus, there is much rumbling and possible disruption up ahead. Those who insightfully factor into their new intention that phenomenal shifts in our current value systems are part of the immediate and possibly the longer-term future will stand to benefit both themselves and others greatly over the coming 12 months.

In the prelude to this New Moon, can you both see and instinctively sense which values and attachments are dissolving away, soon to be replaced with something more vital, securing and sustainable? Can you see where you are stuck, unwilling to move or are perhaps in need of a monumental shake-up? How do you stand to benefit most from this lunation; where are the key rewards and possible collateral losses of your energetic investments? There is no better vessel to help you cross over the sea of uncertainty than your New Moon horoscope and intention, and in this sense, no better investment than your Cosmic Tribe subscription to help guide you through these otherwise very stormy times.

Tune into these vital instalments and many blessings to you on this lunation xx

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