“Into The Abyss” – The NEW MOON at 20°17′ Pisces, Sunday, March 10, 2024, 09:02 UTC

image: Ted Chin

If Pisces marks the end of the astrological cycle right before we hit the refresh button at the Aries Equinox, then the Pisces New Moon is the ultimate lunation, inviting us to explore the profound depths and complexities inherent in this watery zodiacal sign. In this context, the Pisces lunation is more than a mere end to the year, but rather a crucial initiation into realms where the individual consciousness dissolves into the collective, and it is here, in the most ego-denying state that we are invited to integrate the lessons learned throughout the cycle by taking a moment to meditate in Pisces’ cool, introspective waters.

Therefore, the Pisces New Moon encourages us to reexamine our emotional and spiritual baggage accumulated over the course of the astrological year. It prompts us gently to separate the essential from the non-essential, to relinquish the worn-out narratives and patterns that no longer align with our evolving selves. The lunation offers a unique vantage point from which to view our lives, a place from which to acknowledge the weaves of triumph and tribulation alike as we set our intention to sever the psychic cords that bind us to superfluous past cycles and past lives.

In this liminal space, akin to the Tibetan concept of the Bardo, the Pisces New Moon represents a metaphysical crossroads, a place where the boundaries between the ego-defined self and the infinite universal blur, much like the merging of troubled rivers into the sea. This period, blessed by the New Moon’s introspective embrace, is where the soul’s individual journey momentarily converges with the collective stream of consciousness, offering a rare glimpse into the interconnectedness of all things.

It is a special time, when the introspective and boundary-dissolving qualities of Pisces entreat us to delve into the deepest recesses of our psyche, urging us to confront and release the accumulated debris of our emotional and spiritual journeys. It’s time for us to sift through our often hidden, mysterious inner landscapes, to identify and let go of the false narratives, overwhelming emotions, and distracting, self-defeating patterns that have served their purpose, much like shedding old skin to make way for new growth.

The Pisces New Moon thus becomes a period of spiritual detoxification and renewal, where we are encouraged to release the energetic cords tethering us to outdated versions of ourselves and our past lives. And so, under the dark moon of Pisces, as we stand on the ultimate cusp of renewal, let us embrace the mysteries, the fleeting moments of connection, the eternal dance of the cosmos, as we, like the ancients, reach out with grace and humility, towards the infinite, our hearts open to the wisdom of the stars, ready to begin anew…

“…alas, but that is what we are. Does the space we dissolve into then taste of us?”

~Rainer Maria Rilke, Second Elegy


A number of other points to observe during this period add to the complexity of this lunation, namely that all planets are now locked between Pluto at the early degrees of Aquarius and Uranus in mid-Taurus.

The Pisces Complex: Cosmic Dissonance

A stellium comprising Saturn, Neptune and Mercury accompanies the lead-up to this lunation. Although Mercury will have entered Aries by the time of the New Moon, its recent conjunction with Neptune in Pisces highlights the intensity of cosmic dissonance that reverberates through the fabric of our collective and personal consciousness. This is a sign that the lines between reality and fantasy have become so blurred, so muddied, and so defrayed that we struggle to make logical connections. In many exchanges, the communicative clarity of Mercury has become so enveloped in Neptune’s mist that it challenges us to discern the truth amidst a sea of misinformation, lies, self-delusions and adherence to trite and ephemeral narratives.

Further to this confusion, is the temptation to avoid, evade or escape what must be relinquished. The failure to honour Pisces’ call for dissolution, endings, and the transcendence of boundaries carries significant repercussions. This resistance to embracing the natural cycles of closure and renewal can manifest as emotional entrapment, where past traumas and unresolved issues continue to linger in our hearts, casting long shadows over our present experiences, inhibiting growth and healing. It is our relationships, the bedrock of human connection, that suffer as trust erodes under the weight of deceit and betrayal, leading to conflict and eventual disintegration. The psychological toll of maintaining a façade, of living in dissonance with one’s authentic self, can escalate into stress, anxiety, and a profound sense of disconnection from both the self and the collective spirit. Ignoring the need for closure and transformation can have profound spiritual consequences. It can disconnect us from the universal rhythms and make us feel purposeless. Furthermore, if we refuse to let go of the obsolete, we may miss out on new opportunities and limit our potential for personal growth and discovering new horizons.

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CRISIS LOOMING: The Existential Nightmare of Saturn/Neptune

The New Moon activates the midpoint of the looming Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Pisces. With both planets in the sign ruled by Neptune, this adds layers of complexity to the collective psyche. This astrological event intensifies the struggle with authority and responsibility. As Saturn’s stern demand for accountability clashes with Neptune’s urge for transcendence and escape, the desire to bypass physical and material limitations and commitments undermines the harsh reality of weakening structures and environmental conditions, resulting in slow degradation of everything around us and exacerbating health crises, signalling a collective call for purification and a reevaluation of our responsibilities towards the planet and each other.

This conjunction, becoming partile at 00º Aries in early 2026, meanwhile breeds confusion and uncertainty about our duties as a species and the extent that global crises play on our personal everyday lives. It blurs the lines between who should be held accountable. The challenge lies in reconciling our idealised visions with the practical realities of the material world. This is a task made daunting by Neptune’s dissolution of boundaries and Saturn’s insistence on structure weakening as it traverses Pisces. The lunation’s activation of this lugubrious point may evoke feelings of guilt and a collective sense of owing reparation for our part in the harm and environmental damage or for failing to meet responsibilities, at least subconsciously. This leads us to feelings of sadness and depression. Since the dissonance we feel allows us to cast suspicion or blame on others, this can potentially lead to themes of widespread apathy, scapegoating, vilification and persecution. The matter worsens when Saturn forms a semisquare to Pluto (hard labour, cruelty, brutality) from May till January 2025.

Meanwhile, economic disparities have reached a boiling point with inflation rates soaring and the cost of living escalating to unsustainable levels. Housing crises unfold across all continents, leaving countless individuals and families in precarious situations. These economic woes are exacerbated by Neptune’s nebulous influence, which veils the collective eyes with disillusionment, making the path forward seem insurmountable.

The socio-political landscape is rife with contention, as borders become battlegrounds for ideological disputes and human lives are caught in the crossfire. The refugee and migration crisis, a stark manifestation of Neptune’s dissolution of boundaries, brings to the forefront the stark reality of displacement and despair, challenging the very notion of empathy and solidarity in a world seemingly governed by Saturnian self-preservation.

Domestically, mental health epidemics and the opioid crisis tear through the social fabric, leaving a trail of devastation that speaks to the collective yearning for escape from Neptune’s depths of despair. These crises are symptomatic of a society grappling with the weight of existential pain, seeking solace in the ephemeral relief offered by substances and the allure of oblivion.

Adding to the fray, corruption has metastasized within the corridors of power, where greed-driven corporate interests and hyper-ambitious political machinations intertwine in the darkest recesses, eroding the foundations of trust and institutional integrity. The spectre of insider trading and corporate lobbying looms too large to fathom, a testament to the Saturnine pursuit of control and dominance, even as Neptune’s fog obscures the lines between right and wrong, ethical and unethical.

Amidst this backdrop of turmoil, the media’s relentless dissemination of “shiny-happy” optimism and victim-blaming feels like a cruel joke, a Neptune-inspired illusion that mocks the palpable anger and frustration simmering within the collective heart. The ongoing conflicts, like the protracted war in Ukraine and the horrors unfolding in the Middle East, serve as grim reminders of the world’s inability to transcend the cycle of violence and retribution, casting a pall over any hope for peace.

With many countries facing elections this year, the political arena, influenced heavily by the Saturn/Neptune effect through Pisces, is marred by missteps and scandals, as leaders appear increasingly disconnected from the very people they purport to serve. The extremist rise of populist movements, fueled by grievance and disillusionment, signals a profound shift in the collective psyche, a rejection of the status quo, and a desperate cry for change.

On a personal level, the celestial upheaval manifests in a profound sense of unrest, an existential angst that permeates every interaction, every moment of solitude. The collective suffering, mirrored in the individual experience, becomes a catalyst for a deeper introspection, a painful yet necessary reckoning with the shadow aspects of our nature and our societies.

As we stand on the precipice of what feels like an epochal shift, the Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Pisces beckons us to confront the harsh truths of our existence, to peel away the layers of deception and denial, and to face the daunting task of rebuilding from the ashes of disillusionment. The path ahead is fraught with challenges, and the journey inward demands a courage that can only be found in the depths of our collective soul. In this crucible of cosmic forces, we are called to transcend the pain, to find meaning in the suffering, and to forge a new reality that honors both the Saturnine principles of structure and the Neptunian ideals of unity and compassion. The time for evasion is over; the moment for radical transformation is now, and it demands of us an unwavering commitment to truth, justice, and the healing of our world.


The Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus transit creates tension, which is especially strong around the New Moon since it is connected by degree. This incredibly tense aspect amplifies the global unrest and personal discomfort, bringing dissatisfaction and the desire for change to the surface with enormous urgency.

The clash between Aquarius’s progressive, group-minded attitude and Taurus’s conservative nature intensifies the restlessness, driving a wedge between factions of progressive idealism and fundamentalist movements. This dichotomy reflects the global landscape, where the push for rapid innovation and change confronts entrenched systems and values, exacerbating social divides and unrest.

Moves made impulsively, without consulting others, in an ill-considered manner, especially in response to socioeconomic pressures magnified by the New Moon, could lead to significant disruptions in an already unstable global economy. The internal struggle for authenticity, prompted by the square, mirrors the collective quest for identity and purpose in a rapidly changing world.

Aquarius’s drive for creative disruption confronts Taurus’s resistance to change, mirroring the global tension between the need for innovative solutions and the desire to maintain existing structures. The strain in relationships and conflict with authority, fueled by Mars in Aquarius, reflects the growing disillusionment with political and societal leaders.

The potential for ego assertion and explosive behaviour under this transit highlights the simmering tensions and frustrations that could boil over into social and political upheavals, reflecting the global mood of unrest and the potential for confrontational movements.

Accidents and unforeseen incidents serve as wake-up calls, both personally and collectively, urging a re-evaluation of the balance between progress and stability. Opportunities for liberation and innovative solutions to emerging challenges underscore the potential for positive transformation amidst turmoil.

The rise in tensions and disputes, both on a personal and collective level, mirrors the global landscape of heightened conflict and division, driven by the clash between the desire for radical change and the preservation of the status quo.

Unconscious expressions of frustration, such as health issues or accidents, signal a deeper, collective discontent with the limitations on freedom and individuality, a sentiment that is widely felt in the face of global restrictions and crises.

The quest for a new sense of security reflects the global challenge of redefining safety and stability in a world where traditional paradigms are increasingly obsolete. Conscious breaks from routine, inspired by this transit, highlight the potential for constructive innovation and personal growth.

Overall, the Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus transit, amplified by the New Moon, accentuates the global atmosphere of tension, change, and the potential for both disruption and transformation. The interplay of these cosmic forces mirrors and magnifies the current state of the world, emphasising the urgent need for adaptation, innovation, and a re-evaluation of our values and structures in the face of unprecedented challenges.


I know this sounds a bit heavy, and like things are about to break out into World War III, but this doesn’t need to be. In this intricately chaotic web of woe betides and fairytales, interwoven now into this Pisces New Moon, the themes of dissolution, introspection, and the blurring of boundaries invite us to a profound reckoning with our inner and outer worlds.

The saving grace, especially offered by the semi-sextile (30º) between Mars in Aquarius and the New Moon in Pisces, coupled with the sextile (60º) to Uranus, offers a compellingly helpful directive to our intentions: to embrace the act of releasing as a form of liberation. It is through the conscious unburdening of our emotional and spiritual detritus, the forgiving of past transgressions—both our own and those of others—and the acceptance of the fluidity of our existence that we find a path forward.

This lunation urges us to release the psychic residue tethering us to what no longer serves, to relinquish, once and for all, the obsolete, and to embrace the renewal waiting at the threshold of our awareness. In this act of letting go, we are not showing weakness but strength; in forgiveness, we find freedom; and in acceptance, we discover the resilience to navigate the complexities of our collective and personal narratives, setting intentions that are not only healing but transformative.

Have an amazing New Moon, and many blessings xx

What does your horoscope have to say about all this, and what might be your intention on this powerful lunation?

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