Jupiter/Saturn squaring the Mars/Uranus

[image: kevin sloan]

One thing about revolutions, when they erupt, they are sudden and unpredictable and the sheer violence of their eventual manifestation turns the entire world upside down.

Revolutions should be of no surprise, however, since the large-scale energy of massive uprisings begins as an intelligent voice inside the nervous system of the individual whose duty, above and beyond, is to think for oneself. This is something we all have in common since we are the living progeny of thousands of years of an oppressed ancestry who often had to revolt or migrate in order to survive.

When the internal pressure becomes extremely uncomfortable upon one’s nervous system, the oppressed individual slides into a state of cognitive dissonance. It does this to protect the voice of the moral compass, whose duty is always to stay autonomous and in alignment to one’s true spirit path. Here, in our present time, we see how the ‘elephant in the room’ is now precariously balanced.

Sure, we may rationalise, ignore, even deny anything that doesn’t make sense or align with our core principles, but the voice against tyranny cannot be completely silenced. There comes a point of crisis when the individual will either sicken and die or out their irritation by speaking against the prevailing order. Once the silence has been broken, it spreads like madness throughout the collective, disrupting the old order like a series of collapsing dominos often violently and without regard for consequence.

With Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius squaring the Mars/Uranus, the collective air is charged with individual irritation and dissent, and the ridiculous circus going on around us becomes ominously close to full-scale chaos and disorder…

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