The Pisces Moon has raised immense sensitivity in how we are all just a part of everything and everyone. Currently, in square to the NODES, we also get a sense of how easily confused and misled we can be by our tendency to fall into magic, illusions and lies. Yes, there are many elements out there which can bend and distort the light if we let them, as much for our amusement as for the appeasement of our aching souls.

LUNA will soon enter Aries, where MARS is already inflaming our fiercely defensive ego with CHIRON’s past hurts and bruises. The more intensely our wounds become aggravated, the greater the urge to do something, anything that asserts that we will not be shamed, demeaned or denigrated on face value (Aries) again.

LUNA will eventually come into conjunction with ERIS, a supernatural creature so far in the outers, so scorned with envy and irony at being snubbed and excluded from joining the party, that she hurls tremendous fireballs of dissent and discord, making us all scramble.

The whole deal builds into a furious LAST QUARTER MOON, as feelings of woundedness, disgrace and neglect are contrasted against JUPITER/PLUTO’s apparent abuse of power and position, expressed most subjectively through the protective nature of Cancer SUN.

Those of you with Cardinals around 21° will be feeling the potent pinch of this fleeting T-square, whose missing arm in Libra is calling for fairness and careful consideration before passing judgement.

In yesterday’s Cosmic Bus episode, we spoke extensively about this phase of a very potent lunation which began at the SOLSTICE (Annular Solar Eclipse) on June 21.

With a second Cancer New Moon on July 19, it is a chance to get all the venom and badassery out onto the table (and off our chest) before setting new intentions about who to trust and hold dear to our heart…


  1. Sounds exciting! I’m a Libra Sun. This will be exciting, to say the least. Thanks Ang!

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