Astrology of Now: Jupiter at 29°♐

Life on earth is certainly a journey. A cyclical one. Rather than going around in circles: hours, days, months, years etc, we learn and grow.

As Jupiter approaches the end of Sadge, ask yourself how much you’ve managed to accumulate by way of self-understanding since Jupiter was here last here, 18 Dec 2007. Jupiter’s conjunction with Pluto indicated that many aspects of faith would change.

We see it in how it’s transformed our judiciary system, academia, publishing, religion and politics – arguably exposing how corrupt these all are. Can you see how, with 2020’s conjunctions to Pluto in Capricorn things will shift dramatically into censure and control of truth? Dictatorial power and truth do not go well together. In essence, they are mutually exclusive.

This is going to be an extremely gruelling period for truth and free speech, and we will have to get it right (whatever that means) or perish under the most extreme corruption.

18 December, 2007