Mercury enters Scorpio – Cosmic Intervention™

Nothing’s going to happen by standing around watching one another suffering inequity and ignominy. Nor can we expect change to come from bitching and blaming and throwing rocks at one other. That’s not going to do anything and we all know it. We gotta stop with the indolence and apathy and envy and the shame’n’blame game and intervene with logic and dialogue, one person at a time.

Everyone knows that violence begets violence and only breeds more bitterness and hatred. We got to find our way out of this together, people.

We just have to do it ourselves. Get the revolutionary ball rolling now.

Don’t rely on these phony, performative ‘leaders’ and elected representatives who claim to stand for our best interests or act on our behalf. They simply DON’t exist. They are NOT there for us, just in it for themselves. The whole political shitshow is a sham that has been hijacked by a kabal who is intent to control the entire 3D timeline and all of its resources, using some phenomenally advanced intelligence and radically different systems of exclusion.

Their divisive intentions can be stopped when we choose to step in and start listening to one another. Ask more questions and listen to the replies. The clues on how we can work together are all there, all we gotta do is be prepared to listen.Doesn’t matter about our differences, at heart we are quite similar, and we are all fed up with the nonsense, the lies, the criminal insanity and the violence. #CosmicIntervention ☿♏ (Oct 3-Dec 9)

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