Cere conjunct Uranus

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[image: Kevin Peterson]
A new discovery is entering our consciousness this week. It is the unprecedented awakening that the best care and nurturance that we can foster upon those in our charge is to encourage them to make their own inroads towards discovering things on their own.
By allowing them the freedom to explore themselves, we ourselves come to instinctively understand that everyone is equipped with the ability to seek new & innovative ways to find expression. The result may be delightfully surprising. As carers – particularly as parents – we often interfere more than we aid our young whenever we try to instil our ego-crusted values or inflict our antiquated ways.
Since every new moment is unique in its own special way, so too are the universe’s children who have come to us at this most unparalleled time in humankind’s evolutionary development.
These kids are not like any we have ever seen before. Their understanding of our world is processing through a far more sophisticated operating system than any that has come before – even our own. It seems to defy – adamantly resist – any unsound conventions or irrational traditions that society may try to place before them. They tap much easier into expanded perceptions and timeless realities and, from these, intuitively derive at what is best for how they will choose to express themselves.
What we are uncovering now is the wealth of diversity that is germinating all around this planet through our youth. We need to learn how best to nurture and support that.
We are awakening to the new paradigm of parent/carer/guide.
It is best not to interfere.
Best just to observe, allow the young to lead in their own way.

Originally published 21st June, 2016

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