Venus (in Aries) trine Mars (in Sagittarius)

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Venus (in Aries) trine Mars (in Sagittarius)

Feeling adventurously sexy?

Venus, now in the impetuously amorous throes of Mars’ domicile (Aries), sees the love goddess magnetise herself to experience love in the most straightforward way possible. Her directness to show her affections cannot staved or modulated by any pretensions that may try to slow down or impede her immediate desires.

She yearns impatiently to be satisfied.

Mars in Sagittarius, exhibiting that centaur, wildman quality – a primal, shamanic force to assert himself – is immediately drawn to the immediacy and candour of the bold and naked beauty that attracts him.

The trine aspect between them, in the element of fire, sparks an uncontrollable urge to engage into a natural interplay of passions between two entities that simply feel compelled to come together.

Enough with the astromath though…

True romance comes alive now, and all other processes fall away as mind gives way to animalistic instinct.

The surest way to overcome any sadness, upset or discord in your world is to align yourself to what you are passionate about – as if you are on fire from within. Find what turns you on, and just throw yourself into it with all the fury of your atavistic heart.

Just know, passion and satisfaction go together, hand in hand. Ignite your intention, set it ablaze and watch it quickly spread like wildfire to bring you all the joy your crazy heart desires.

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