Vesta conjunct the South Node

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[artist: Carl Friedrich Deckler – Vesta]

VESTA conjunct SOUTH NODE (strongest November 21, 2015)

In late October 2015, Vesta, asteroid goddess of devotion, commitment and missionary service reached the Aries Point (0° Aries)-  perhaps the most publicly explosive point in the tropical zodiac. Although she was in retrograde motion, her conjunction also to the South Node upon this point is rather significant in the public sense, marking an emergence of the many souls who connect with the ‘light worker’, ‘spirit warrior’, or ’empowerment guru’, ‘life coach’ social archetype.

There is a public rise of guides and leaders who will assist humanity with its redemption from the journey of the past, helping many to break the heavy karmic ties that keep humanity in its rut.

The message that resounded from the first two instances was that we must learn to leave past blames and angers behind. Unless we can untie those  scornful knots of going back to war with ourselves, we cannot move forward towards experiencing an unyielding trust and a devoted love toward one another.

most intensely felt when Moon also in the last degree of Pisces, trine Scorpio Sun.

Vesta first conjoined the South Node (5°43′ Aries) in late June 2015 and is now making her third and final contact on this nodal axis (29°01′ Pisces). However, it is her alignment to the South Node at this moment that makes her influence so universally resonant among all of us.

Now, with the conjunction in the last degree of Pisces, we are strongly reminded through our connection to others to keep our heads out of the clouds when trying to be of service. An awareness dawns of how important it is to stay grounded and discerning when choosing our devoted path.

As compassionate and altruistic as your cause may be right now – make sure you’re clear on what you are energetically entering into before you fully commit to being of service to others. It may be that the drain upon your precious resources, especially emotionally, turns out to be just too much to handle.

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