Vesta square Pluto

Vesta square Pluto

There is no way that traditional belief systems can even fathom to understand, let alone hope to resolve some of the deeper, more ethical dilemmas being faced today around our issues of devotion to our unions of all kinds. As indicated by Vesta’s stationing square to Pluto this month, themes that challenge our beliefs around loyalty, commitment, faith and fidelity often ride dangerously close to issues of abuse, disempowerment and sometimes outright oppressiveness. Rather than facilitate the wonderment of transformation and reconstruction, the ways we choose to practice our own spiritual devotion are instead supposed to abide by some unyielding, heavy-handed force of an established system..

It seems almost obscene just how stark this contrast is becoming now. Anyone still in a position of power who is pressing to control the way people express their faith, whether ideological, spiritual, material, political, social or sexual is likely to be making a real ass of themselves. That stuff just isn’t cool anymore – we’ve all cognizant of this.

It’s between spiritual devotion and the need to control that. We all know – these two things should not even belong in the same room. So why do we still have this residual expectation that one must go hand in hand with the other? Doesn’t this ultimately give rise to elements of corruption and abuse, festering into all kinds of unpleasantness both in intimate and public unions?

Difficult decisions are being faced now.

Our MEDICINE offering to you.. (with Angela Economakis)

In the face of shifting paradigms, fear of change, of loss of control from those seeking to control those agents of change (us), can find them turning violent, aggressive or even vengeful to the perceived threat of what a higher evolutionary call to inner spiritual transformation, and its effects in all domains mentioned, could ‘mean’ to them.

We are here to increasingly tune in to our own sacred connection to Source for our truth. By doing so we increasingly stand in our own light firmer and brighter than ever before, not needing to emit aggression nor defence in the light of others’ fears. We become free from the need to be externally validated or justified in who we choose, what we choose as our belief system, and how we live.

– Light a white candle in your home and sit comfortably in front of it, the representation of the unwavering trust in your own union as a flame of Source, calling in Vesta the goddess of hearth, marriage and home.
– Let go of judgment of those who seek to control you, your thoughts, your beliefs or behaviours. Your inner sanctum, your inner world is impermeable to the outside if you choose it to be so. External structures cannot affect your inner peace, unless you choose to allow them to do so. Breathe deeply.
– Find any point within you that you do not feel free in these domains.
– Ask yourself – Why? Who REALLY stops me from being free within myself? Can they really?
– Breathe in light to those illusions of bondage and vaporize them, and reaffirm your ‘vows’ of freedom to yourself today.


Originally Published ~ 14/08/2015

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