Vesta square Pluto

Vesta square Pluto

All it takes is one bite…

The duration of any prospering relationship from that moment, when the destructive elements of Pluto (expectation, possessiveness, jealousy) seize over its incumbent bond and begin to corrupt it towards abuse, is becoming shorter and shorter.

In short, once the rot sets in, amputation is the only remedy against certain death.

It takes an enormous powerhouse of light energy to know that ANY (or all) of the above corrosive elements are NOT welcome to ANY degree into any healthy union. Further to this, it requires a divine level of unconditional love (faith) to actually honour and protect that relationship from succumbing to these pernicious forces.

Resist all temptation, remain wholly untainted by these evils. This may mean spending time by yourself until you finally get it…

Light & Love.

[Vesta is now Rx – If you found yourself out on your ear through this period, now you know why]


Originally Published ~ 15/08/2015

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