Vesta on the Aries point, Conjunct the South Node

Vesta on the Aries point, Conjunct the South Node

The asteroid goddess of devotion, commitment and missionary service reaches the most publicly explosive point in the tropical zodiac. Although she is in retrograde motion, her conjunction also to the south node upon the Aries Point is rather significant in the public world as we see an emergence of the many souls who connect with the ‘light worker’, ‘spirit warrior’, or ’empowerment guru’, ‘life coach’ social archetype.

There is a public rise of guides and leaders who will assist humanity with its redemption from the journey of the past, helping many to break the heavy karmic ties that keep humanity in a rut.

Vesta first hit this point in June and will again return here in December. However, vesta in aries, vesta astrology, vesta conjunct south node, vesta astrology aspectsit is her alignment to the Node at this moment that makes her influence so universally resonant among all of us.

The message that resounds, is that we must leave past blames and angers behind. Unless we can untie those knots of going back to war with ourselves, we cannot move forward towards experiencing an unyielding trust and a devoted love toward another.

Originally Published ~ 21/010/2015

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