Venus trine Uranus

 [image: Rob Woodcox]

Venus trine Uranus

Things have never been so on edge in our personal affairs.

Whilst the key to dealing with our social insecurites (as described below with Venus inconjunct Chiron) may be to take things a little less personally, this transit enters at a perfect time to support the spirit that we perhaps need to take a whole different approach in our relationships.

We need to get innovative now, try something new – something that gives us total freedom to experiment and make profound breakthroughs in just what it is that turns us on with others. Whilst our available social technology has made it easier for our spirited self to swing from tree to tree, to graze upon the greater variety of life’s delightful social fruits for stimulation, the body ultimately yearns for a bit of intimacy.

Whilst it is possible to satisfy ALL our basic food groups from the one consistent source, this quest is also becoming one of the greatest complexities of humankind right now.
However, achieving faithful partnership is not entirely out of the question.
Our best relationships are those that manage to stay at the cutting edge of our desire to be stimulated, without showing any signs that they might stale or bog us down at all. This is tough when we are basically programmed to attach ourselves to others for our own consistent supply of security, comfort and pleasures.

But to keep this interesting, we have needed to frequently separate or introduce new means, buy new toys, take new trips and try adding a myriad of things to keep our relationships refreshed. But, as we find, even these things become tiresome (and expensive). It is because all these are dependent on the exterior world for their supply.

There is only one way to keep your lover and to stay on the pulse with it…

…love intuitively.

True romance exists only in the moment. Two people can get there… stay in that perfect magical excitement… be truly there for one another, in every sense necessary, satisfy every need…

Intercept time – come together, love only in the now.


Originally Published ~ 19/08/2015

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