Venus trine Pluto

Venus trine Pluto

There is much more to love, much more than all of this.
It’s not just in a sweet exchange, a soft and tender kiss.

Love means much more than having something done to please you
those things are very nice, but barely will appease you

You long to sense something that teases you to madness
that stirs something in you that springs you from your sadness

Love really must, in essence, move your very soul
reach in there, deep inside, and drag you from that hole

It ought to roust you from your peace, and all at once possess you
and leave you elegantly wishing that it came in to undress you

Love ought to kick your fucking ass and really make it dance
take you so deep under its spell it puts you in a trance

And make you think about that someone, all the day along
and after all, make you believe that love can do no wrong

No matter how intensely hot or crazy that romance is
nothing could ever curb love’s passionate advances

But most of all, love ought to come along
and take your world by storm
and shake you from your very roots
and cause you to transform.

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Originally Published ~ 23/10/2015

                                                                                                          © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic

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