Venus (retro) on the Virgo/Leo cusp – approaching Saturn in Scorpio

Venus (retro) on the Virgo/Leo cusp – Saturn in Scorpio

In your memoirs, don’t forget to write how every time you had a chance to make it different – to make it right, you chose instead to take the same path, repeat the same fate, become prey to the karmic engrams written deep in the sub-cockles of your poor, unsatisfied heart.

Those agreements made, the ones that cripple your own happiness, your chances of ever finding true peace… love, are not written in stone at all – they are not written with anyone’s consent but yours.

They can be easily unwritten.

You were not put onto this earth to write the memoirs of a self-defeated soul.

Times have changed.
You can change too.Venus (retro) on the Virgo/Leo cusp, Saturn in Scorpio, venus retrograde, venus in virgo, venus in leo, astrology aspects


Begin to write the memoirs of a person who conquered their tendency to always repeat the same old cyclical patterns of defeat, one who broke away from the ancestral karmic chains of her atavistic heart, one who managed, through enormous consciousness, to fight a brave battle never to invite abuse into her world again.

Never again allow your expectations, jealousies and past attachments interfere into your beautiful, pure romance with this world.

Write it differently. Write it with the purity of self-love back into your heart.
And let love conquer all fears.


Originally Published ~ 29/07/2015

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