Venus on Regulus square Saturn

Venus on Regulus square Saturn

So here it is – the real question to be posed in any relationship:

Is this worth it?

Any relationship with someone who is not willing to put in the work to improve themselves, even just a little each day, is a poor investment. People need to keep developing themselves, their spiritual growth. They need to show signs of improvement.

Same goes for your belongings – those things you purchase. Are they adding value into your life or are they simply money-pits that need your constant upkeep and repair?

When you chose to stay in something stagnant or deflating it is often because you refuse to accept that you made a bad investment, that your love was wasted.

Love is never wasted.

Realise this, as your key to freedom.

The only thing wasted in your life is the time you spend focusing on a situation that will never change to fit your needs. A relationship where only one of you is doing all the work is like trying to tango on your own.

In the end, you risk being the one who’s stuck with all the bags of regrets, disillusionment and resentment, feeling like you’ve wasted all the beautiful lessons that you came upon this earth to learn.

Listen to your angels, before it is too late. Let go of any baggage now.

You can’t take it with you in the end.


Originally Published ~ 9/10/2015

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