Venus, Jupiter and Juno in Leo

Venus, Jupiter and Juno in Leo

All this VENUS/JUPITER/JUNO in Leo is meant to push, push, push popular issues of Love&Marriage to the fore, but can i just say, it’s like there’s just a bit too much sugar in that coffee.

With all that SATURN in Scorpio squaring everything it all just tastes a little sickly sweet for me to swallow. Seriously.

Yes sure, things are looking pretty GAY right now – but just remember – this ‘gay marriage’ passing in the USA is just another fancy bill. Like the ‘civil rights’ and ‘women’s lib’ and all those other gratuitous gestures of ‘society’s acceptance’ – any official recognition of these liberties comes all too little, too late.

Besides, folks have been gay now since the ancient greeks invented homoerotica some 4,000 years ago (like everything else that’s “cultured”, right?). It’s just that with ‘god’ in the way it meant we’ve had to keep these things a secret. Plenty more secrets yet to come out too…

Venus, Jupiter and Juno in LeoIrrevocable damage has been done not over centuries of oppressing fundamental freedoms, but more so in the past few years. And we are still not even a fraction of the way there. So don’t get so excited…

Hard to believe that there are still certain ‘governments’ holding out.

Pretty soon, no marriage license, no taxi-license, no I.O.U to the IMF, no ransom note from the EU, or CIA or FIFA or the Queen, not even the mighty over-printed US dollar bill – no piece of paper in the world is going to mean a god-damned thing because the magnets that used to keep the whole charade together have all but lost their magic pull.

We are free falling away from one another people, big time. SUN/MARS square the NODES – time to say goodbye and head towards the rainbow, me beauties….[cue Boccelli].

(oh, don’t be afraid to let your colours shine)


Originally Published ~ 21/06/2015

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