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Venus inconjunct Chiron

image: the world of you, by David Ho

Venus inconjunct Chiron

Isn’t it funny that the choices we make to try to satisfy our exterior needs for personal comfort, adoration and physical gratification sometimes serve little to aid with our greater quest – our inner journey to find a remedy that actually soothes the deeper feelings of spiritual disconnectedness, and of being unloved and misunderstood.

It’s gonna take a real effort now to harmonise those immense needs to be noticed and admired with your infinite yearning to belong to something greater. That inner child is grappling with some incredible sensitivities to avoid feeling trampled and ignored.

If you can learn to take things just a little less personally, work with the light of consciousness about why it is that you so badly need to feel honoured and admired, then you might also learn to overcome any unpleasant insecurities.

Insecurities that only arise out of trying to feed a false pride.


Originally Published ~ 18/08/2015

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  1. I have this aspect, and that is a dead-on interpretation.

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