Venus conjunct Jupiter 2015

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Ang’s Amazing Time Travels… (continued)

JULY 1st (21° Leo) – trine Uranus

My most exciting episode of all three,

Well, to start with, anyway. I was greeted with much opulence and splendour in this magical kingdom of the near past. What can I say? So much optimism and kindness felt by all, it was impossible not become completely indulgent in the spoils of love and affection (you guessed it, I fell in love in a big way). It was grand while it lasted, but after a few of days, after the effects of the wine and adoration had worn off, my head was throbbing and i had to return to the present to relieve the toxic intensity of that Saturn in the 29th degree of Scorpio.

AUGUST 4th (28° Leo) – Venus retrograde, square Saturn

Erm… well, yeah. I was a bit dumb.
Thought i would indulge myself just one more time, what, with my big expectations of parties and festivities, and all the food and cocktails and the bawdy proceedings of the first occasion.

Except it was not so easy.

I wish someone had told me that you CANNOT repeat a good time.

I went in fully cocked for romantic reverie and mayhem and got my ass burnt pretty bad. Spent way too much money on hotels and limousines trying to be impressive (I actually should have walked over to the next block). Feasting so excessively, I must have put on at least 10 pounds. What hurt the most though is that I became optimistically betrothed to an old flame, sprawling my pompous heart and soul for her, only to have it left dumped in the gutter a few days later.

Fuck that hurt…

OCTOBER 25th 15° Virgo – conjunct Mars, opposite Chiron, inconjunct Uranus

What, you think I’m that stupid I was going to trash myself again??

This time things were definitely tempting, yes.

However, what i knew is that the propensity to go over the top at times like this – even though there was a burning sensation in my loins and my back pocket the ENTIRE time, I had learned to keep it steady.

i learnt to keep it cool.
Be discerning. Be smart with my money, and be super careful where i leave my heart. I mean, those things are are precious, right?

Of course, it’s not like the opportunities weren’t there to go silly. And, yes, the abundance was certainly up for grabs, everywhere. I could have gone greedy if i wanted to.

But you know.. at the end of the day (and it was a beautiful day), I made some better choices. Call me fussy, call me wise, call me a little more selective with how I invest my precious time and resources – i stayed damned mindful that this was not really the time to get either too excited or to end up feeling wasted, worn and emotionally wounded.

Although… you’ll never guess what happened…


[pic: Vanessa Allan Co.]

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