T-square Moon/Venus/Saturn (28° fixed signs)

T-square Moon/Venus/Saturn (28° fixed signs)

What to do when the heart pangs for loving, but the loving ain’t forthcoming?
Feels hard… isolating… but what can you do? Go somewhere quiet and have a good cry?

In many ways such transits (which are thankfully only fleeting) are just a little flag for us to formally say goodbye to any illusions we may have held about what we expected from another. Perhaps we need to face it – that in truth they just don’t love us like we wanted them to. Or, perhaps what they wanted we could not deliver…

Really, it is more a sign that we perhaps missed something quite crucial in understanding the nature of the relationship. When we romanticise another, we sometimes forget about the practical realities and responsibilities. It is the failure of these things to satisfy that ultimately make it hard.T-square astrology, Moon opposition saturn, saturn square venus, venus square moon, fixed signs astrology, astrology aspects

Try to shut away from that person now – accept that it may never happen. Out of sight is out of mind, start there. Find a good, fruitful way of distracting that mind should it yearn to wander back into the grief or the illusion.

If you can, make a date with someone else, perhaps call on a friend, keeping themes on the enjoyable and light. I know, it’s hard, but make an effort to avoid the hurt.

Most of all, remember to love yourself now. You are so special, it is totally true, and nobody knows this better than you do. If you must, treat yourself to a wonderful pampering and spend some time in gratitude to you being the most amazing person that you know.

Yes, it is true. You are awesome.

You have everything you ever wanted just within yourself. Appreciate this now, and you will soon discover that feeling desirable will soon return desire back into your heart.


Originally Published ~ 12/07/2015

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