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Sun on the Venus ~ Saturn midpoint

Sun on the Venus ~ Saturn midpoint

And things get cool…SUN on the VENUS:SATURN mp
And folks must sober…
And as we try to analyse the pieces of our love we wonder if those pieces ever should have been pulled apart at all.

Those precious little cogs that once made our darling, naive little hearts tick so beautifully are often best not tampered with. They never fit together again in quite the same, precious way. Those creeping doubts and fears and expectations have brought us to this frightful point of no return.

And so we may feel quite stuck.

It is important that we take this moment just to come to terms about what we value in our quest to find a deep, meaningful, enduring love. It is the stark awareness of the hardships and the problems in our affairs, including those romantic ones, that is behind all of this grinding frustration.

Something has to give.
Come down to earth for a minute.

Soon… very soon, everything must change.
The new way forward might surprise, even you.

[pictured: Ashley Graves]

Originally Published ~ 11/10/2015

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