Sun sextile Vesta-Chiron in Pisces

Sun sextile Vesta/Chiron in Pisces

One would imagine, or at least aspire, that true healing of the soul can really only occur through a process of absolute purification and a complete abstinence from all material desires.sun vesta astrology, sun vestaa astrology aspects, sun chiron aspects, sun chiron astrology, chiron in pisces, vesta in pisces, astrology aspects, astrology readings, ang stoic,

Patently difficult, since we’re essentially creatures of comfort. And the temptations at the moment are so rich… how to resist?

Work with it. It’s not exactly healthy to dive into extremes of being without, just to achieve any pious ideals of holiness. That’s not gonna work at all in the long run. That will happen if you are ready.

Chances are there’s probably a teacher or someone around now who can help guide you along.

Anyway, it’s probably best that you continue to express your healthy appetite for worldly goodies, just don’t overdo it. Overindulgence with anything leads to all sorts of shameful side-effects and diseases, and maybe that’s all you need to keep in mind right now.


The Buddha said to take the middle road. That might sound a bit dull, but trust – it’s probably heaps better than swinging hard between extremes.

Try that.


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