Sun Sesquisquare Neptune, Venus Sesquisquare Pluto

Sun Sesquisquare Neptune, Venus Sesquisquare Pluto

What happens when you forcibly take away an individual’s personal power? When you take away a person’s integrity, their cultural identity, their home security, their connection to their family, their children, their roots?

They become weakened at the knees. Uncertain, confused, impotent, unimportant, they soon adopt the victim statehood and their whole purpose and intent upon this planet Sun Sesquisquare Neptune, Venus Sesquisquare Pluto, sun neptune aspects, venus pluto aspects, venus pluto synasty, venus pluto relationship astrologybecomes diminished and defrayed. Physically they become displaced, lost and forlorn and start to drift, looking for sympathy, solace, refuge from anyone, anywhere.

Deep down they’re looking for forgiveness, acceptance, respect.

But how do we respect those who seem no longer capable of impressing us. Really?

In this day and age, where humanity is so digitised and dehumanised by electronic gadgetry we are quick to judge, then ‘block’ or ‘unfriend’ anything that seems ‘desperate’ ‘foreign’ and ‘sleazy’.

And yet this only exacerbates the emotional distance and isolation issues faced by those who feel unwelcome and unloved. The refugee problem takes on new form and starts to plague the entire planet. Both personal (on demand), and national (military command) border control are becoming the new global epidemic.

Check out how much you contribute to the problem (it’s a heart chakra thing).

**Interesting how we are for the first time in a trillion years now getting a closer look at Pluto.…/cracks-in-the-wall-midpoint-picture-…/


Originally Published ~ 17/07/2015

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