Sun opposition Saturn

Sun opposition Saturn

You know you’ve hit the wall with this transit. The Saturn vs Sun, ain’t much fun…

The Lord of Karma’s retro spin out of Sadge and heading back to nasty-ass Scorpio is getting grumpier and gnarlier than ever, and the truth is that he’s not going to stand for any facile, off-the-cuff comments or ideas that are not going to show some modicum of respect to the expected code of ethics.sun opposition saturn, sun saturn aspects, sun saturn hard aspects, sun saturn astrology, astrology readings, ang stoic

Doesn’t take much, just one little word out of place and you will be summarily judged on the whole. So if you say “red” you are immediately a marked as communist, if you say “green” you are marked as a left-wing environmentalist-utopian douche-bag, if you wear a turban you are immediately a threat to airport security, and if you wear pink, well…. you don’t wanna know.

Reality is, that what you put out right now are the signals that define you, and it’s the little things that determine to others whether you’re of their ilk or you are simply, in the most fundamental sense, a hopelessly suppressive person and to be avoided at all costs.

Fair? Who said anything in the third-dimensional plane was ‘fair’?


Originally Published ~ 22/05/2015

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