Saturn sextile Juno (in the final degree of Libra)

Saturn sextile Juno (in the final degree of Libra)

Say goodbye to a marriage that promised only notions of comfort and security through much control over the practical necessities.

Through its device oSATURN and JUNO sextile in their last degree, saturn in scorpio, saturn astrology, astrology readings, astrologer,f ownership and custom, it held you chastised by its clasping claws of social, emotional manipulation and pressed you down into a servitude to duty, order and routine. It held you to ransom by an AGREEMENT – a pact drafted by a society whose only fear was that they might become obliged to raise your children for you…

In return, they charged you interest on an investment to stay put, in an abode; in a career; in a situation that promised (in time) only to become the shell of the container that would bury you and your whole creative power.

What’s that? You say you liked all that?


Originally Published ~ 16/09/2015

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