Saturn semisquare Pluto

Saturn semisquare Pluto

Many of the pressures that arise during the next few weeks will be because we are forced to confront deeply-buried psychological behaviour connected to our collective insecurities. These are ingrained at a primordial, cellular level and seem to surface as compulsive reactions when we feel threatened on the most instinctive level of our ego-complex – our collective, tribal level.

This instinctive, group-survival mechanism is affected here, and it is this ‘en-masse survival instinct’ that is being stirred. Most of us know how to control ourselves, keep this behaviour from surfacing in inappropriate ways. Yet in times when we are under sustained duress or sense extreme social pressure, the pooled fight-or-flight reaction tends to take hold. Reminders from every angle surface as a collective call to act in unity with everyone connected to a common identity.

Though many of us seem unaffected personally, in many ways, this energy is beyond the personal. It often draws upon the notions of survival of one’s collective kind, and uses learned behaviour to assign some reasoning behind its often deeply divisive power.

Uncle Adolf was a classic example of someone who used great personal prejudices to rally together entire nations, whose collective survival seemed under threat. He convinced them that unless they banded together to perform some extreme actions that their fate seemed doomed.saturn semisquare pluto, saturn pluto aspects, saturn pluto astrology, astrology aspects, ang stoic

Sometimes, it seems, we will do anything to accomplish our objective to stay in the race – even if it means going beyond the normal bounds of basic, common reasoning.

When our own kind starts to feel threatened, it is not hard to become espoused to any cause that will justify our defensive actions. Group pressure is powerful indeed. It has the power to transform.

The direction this world takes now depends wholly upon the cumulative evolutionary level of its tribe/s. Ultimately, it comes down how much light we can employ when dealing with the darker matters through this sustained transformative challenge of these times.

Choose your ‘tribe’ well.


Originally Published ~ 20/06/2015

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