Saturn in Scorpio stationing at 28°17′, on Jupiter~Pluto midpoint

Saturn in Scorpio, on the Jupiter~Pluto midpoint

Acknowledging our nature has to be the greatest challenge

And really, no other animal suffers from this. No other animal will go back and repeat even a slightly painful experience.

Only humans do this.

Against their nature, they go back to the source of their past pain, again and again, not heeding any of their basic senses. Even when there are obvious signs, screaming to Saturn in Scorpio, saturn jupiter aspects, saturn jupiter astrology, saturn pluto aspects, saturn pluto astrology, alert us that something is perhaps defraying our health – our physical fitness, our mental and spiritual well-being, even our emotional happiness – we keep repeating the same painful routine, often to the point of breakdown.

Only humans do this.

Oh, and laboratory rats.

But then, labs aren’t a natural environment, are they?
But then, neither are cities…

Is it possible that cities are just god’s large lab experiment on just how much pain humans can endure under severe domestication?…/06/saturnpluto-the-iron-fist-of-cont…/

[photograph by Pasquale Battista]


Originally Published ~ 27/07/2015

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