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Saturn Leaves Scorpio

Saturn Leaves Scorpio

One thing we must have learned from Saturn in Scorpio is that everything comes at a price.

There are no free rides.

What looks delicious, tantalizingly sexy, powerful and charming, intriguing and mysterious, rich, and capable to satiate our lusty, greedy, sinful desire for a thrill, always carries a lethal stinging barb.

Messing with it is most certainly going to come at a cost.

Somewhere, in Saturn’s laws and lexicon of physical properties and mathematical exactitude, he demands that the PROPERTIES of what you are inclined to TAKE must somehow (by one means or another) come to equal what you are prepared to GIVE.

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This is one negotiation in which Saturn is supremely masterful, ruling over in every enterprise with shrewd and clever calculation. Only a fool neglects to see that the laws of physics are very, very strict. Only a fool assumes to take something without giving.

Of course, with Saturn in Scorpio over these past 2-3 years, we may have had to go deep, deep into the meta-meta-physics to explore how the mechanics of this GIVE/TAKE equation works. Certainly, through some emotional, psychological, spiritual, financial pain we have discovered (the hard way) that we must be careful what we bargain for.

One thing we absolutely owe Saturn, is that he has provided the opportunity to learn about the price of getting involved.

Operates on some wicked levels, don’t it? [don’t worry, in the end you’ll be better for it]


Originally Published ~ 19/09/2015

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