Sagittarius Full Moon

Sagittarius Full Moon

The Moon’s opposition to the Gemini Sun, flanked by Rx Mercury and Mars calls a perfect moment now to clear the air, make amends, bring closure to a recent argument or bring an end to a long-standing feud over a difference of beliefs.

Neptune’s involvement here can only serve as a softening agent to allow us one thing (if anything) – the ability to show forgiveness and compassion towards those who don’t necessarily see things our way.

Putting our egos aside and letting go of any lingering anger and bitter resentment towards others is a vital part of the journey to becoming lighter.

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We don’t have to agree – we might even concede that we may never see eye to eye and choose to go our separate ways. Sometimes that has to happen. It is natural to eventually graduate from a challenging learning experience. It precludes us from ever having to repeat the experience again. Thank that person for that, and move on.

Acknowledge that holding any ill-feelings for others, however slight, is a self-administered poison that only threatens to destroy your progress towards experiencing true love and spiritual growth.

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Originally Published ~ 2/06/2015

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