Pluto (stationing to turn direct) at 12° 58′ Capricorn

Pluto (stationing to turn direct) at 12° 58′ Capricorn

It’s no secret.

Those things you took in deeply, to stew and ruminate upon over these last few months, are about to come up to the surface where the real alchemy is about to begin.

Issues tied to your own subconscious manifesting, how you can master and apply theseangg to make transformative changes in your outer world, will soon
become strongly evident.

In your relationships – your sexuality, your force and in your personal resources in all affairs – things become so intense and critical. If you don’t protect yourself there’s a strong chance you could end up being fucked in ways you never could imagine.

Could be just what you need…

Originally Published ~ 22/09/2015

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