Moon in Scorpio, Sun on the Saturn ~ Pluto midpoint

Moon in Scorpio, Sun on the Saturn ~ Pluto midpoint

Ok, Next 24 hours could be critical, so in the event that someone close to you happens to lose their grip on reality and slips into a fully wild episode, what to do with them:

1. See if they’re aware – call out their name – familiarity might help bring them back to earth
2. Moderately clear the room of others, esp. of children – put them safe.
3. Assess for immediate danger, remove scissors, sharp objects
4. See if they are OK just to have a calm chat with. This might be comforting for them.
5. In event of real danger, call authorities – don’t try to deal with it directly
6. Help them to seek guidance, be understanding – everybody can have a meltdown
7. A few drops of Rescue Remedy can help – nice to have some handy

WARNING: If things get ultra-violent don’t hang around, no matter how close to you the relationship may be – get out of there immediately. You may need to call for help.


Originally Published ~ 22/08/2015

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